Do Over

Somehow, I woke up and discovered that it was April.  And not even the first day.  After 4 days at work and 5 days at class, I am slightly disoriented.  I’ve had to ask the BOY a few times throughout today what day it is.  The same thing seems to happen to me after a 9 day vacation on a Caribbean Cruise.  Apparently the answer for today is Tuesday April 3rd…which means it is time for a March monthly recap.  I haven’t really been looking forward to checking in on March’s goals.  March has been the kind of month where I’d like to ask for a RE DO or a DO OVER.  It has not been my healthiest or most balanced month physically or emotionally.  I found myself in a HUGE FUNK and had a major case of Spring Fever!  I have spent large amounts of time at work/class and even took a full week off from exercise (which probably added to my funk).


It’s crazy to think that this month started with a snow storm






And ended with a crazy heat wave!


IMG_2795 IMG_2797


Luckily, the BOY and I fit in a trip to Las Vegas, which was a fun and exciting get away!




Complete with the most incredible buffet that I have ever seen!  Seriously, you have to read this post and see all of these mouth-watering pictures!




I found time for TONS of blog posts this month.  I made some delicious and healthy meals, including this Chicken Curry.




And these new favorites (especially the puppy chow and brownies)…


Get Luck Green Smoothie


Cake Batter Puppy Chow


Slutty Brownies (these are a MUST TRY)


Hot Banana Quinoa Cake with Cranberries


Mighty Minestrone


Cranberry Walnut Bread



I wanted to write some of my March highlights before getting to the goals because overall, it was not my most successful month.  And,  I thought it would be a good way to take a positive look at the month before I checked in with last month’s goals (since there were some major fails in this department).


March Goals

Swim, get in the pool, do some swimming, and then swim some more!

     -FAIL…I didn’t even swim in Las Vegas.


Put together a training plan for a half marathon and triathlon

     -Calendar accomplished and being followed!



     -Not only did I not meet this goal, but I didn’t even find time to write the post.  The point of this goal was to work on spending more time during a meal chewing my food.  The first step is recognizing that I eat quickly and don’t chew, but the bad news is that many of my meals are still eaten on the go.


Go totally dairy free (not just fake dairy free…there is dairy in chocolate chips)

     –Have you seen the Las Vegas pictures???  Lots of pizza and delicious dessert.  There were too many sweets in my kitchen this month and my will power was not at its strongest (which basically means that I did good but not great).  It may be time to revaluate this goal.  I know that I will definitely be adding some meat this month with Passover around the corner.


Add more exercise posts to blog

     -Here is one good leg workout!



Goals for April

-Find my healthy eating motivation (this has been lacking these last few weeks and is needed before I can address any other goals and get back to feeling like my healthy and capable self)

-Prioritize half marathon training (and fuel my body to do so)



-Breath and stay balanced (aka Yoga!)



Off to a good start…

Class got out early today and I was home by 4:30.  What a wonderful feeling!  I was super excited to hang out with the BOY.  We took a trip out to Whole Foods to pick up some seafood for dinner on the grill.




He picked up some tuna and I went with this fresh (and on sale) sockeye salmon.  We also made veggies (asparagus, sweet potatoes, and mushrooms) to round out our dinner. 




After dinner,we spent some QT outside catching up on my 5 day class and his first law school speech (which he crushed today).  We laughed talking about old computer games like the Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?  With two unbalanced months behind me, I am ready for a fresh spring start!  I’m calling a Do Over!!!

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