I told you I would try to get another Slutty Brownie picture…




Sadly, this was all that was left.  The Slutty Brownies were a HUGE hit!!!  I am not even a big brownie person, but the addition of cookie dough and Oreo’s is pure genius!  You will love this and they are well worth every delicious calorie!  Just don’t forget the Bash ‘N Chop because these brownies are so fantastic, gooey, hard to cut, but fun to lick off your fingers.




Even though I had class today, I woke up at my parents before 6AM to get in my 8 mile run.  It definitely helped that I went to sleep at 8:30PM last night.  Perhaps that is embarrassing to write on my blog, but what’s worse is that I was in bed before 8PM, making it easy-ish to get out of bed at 5:45AM to meet a friend for a run.  It was perfect running weather and we found a quick pace that worked for this early morning run.  I got ready for work and for my second breakfast, I combined last night’s leftovers with some eggs.




I never would have thought to throw rice into my eggs, but when I read this post last night, I was inspired!  The only sad news was that I didn’t have time to thaw out some green veggies to add to the mix.






This breakfast was unbelievably good and filling. I would guess that there will be more rice and egg breakfast stirfrys in my future!  When I headed back out to my car, I noticed a nasty yellow goo on the back window of my car.  Believe it or not…at 30 years old, I was egged for the first time!  At first, I thought maybe an egg fell out of a nest in the big tree in the front yard, but upon further inspection, it was a full sized grocery store egg.  Yuck!


After class, the BOY and I had a take out sushi date.  While we were waiting for dinner to be ready, I drove us through the car wash in an attempt to rid my car of the eggy mess.  When this colorful soap came across my windshield, I pulled out my camera.  The BOY laughed at me until he realized how awesome the pictures turned out and pulled out his camera too!


IMAG0859 IMAG0860

IMAG0862 IMAG0861


Despite my crazy expensive car wash, some egg still remained on my car.






That totally sucks, but sushi dinner called and I guess I’ll have to clean this superfood off of my car tomorrow.  Good news is because my eggs for breakfast were so amazing, I wasn’t too bummed about the yellow goo on my car all day.


Ps What’s the best way to get egg off your car???

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