Hot Banana Quinoa Cake with Cranberries

Using my leftover cranberries from this weekend’s Cranberry Walnut Bread crumbs has been an easy task.  I decided to add these nutritional powerhouses to yesterday’s breakfast.  I was motivated by this Hot Breakfast Banana Quinoa to make a Banana Quinoa Cake with Cranberries.




I combined the cooked quinoa, egg, mashed banana, flax, cinnamon, and cranberries in a microwave safe bowl.  Three and a half simple minutes later, I had a warm and hearty breakfast!




Covered in peanut butter, this breakfast was divine.  The warm cranberries ‘pop’ in your mouth and who doesn’t love warm gooey peanut butter?!  It was loaded with protein which was perfect as I headed off to meet the trainer for a strength session.







Hot Banana Quinoa Cake with Cranberries

Adapted from Hot Banana Breakfast Quinoa

Makes 1 serving


1/3 cup cooked quinoa

1 egg

1 mashed banana

1-2 tsp cinnamon

1-2 tbsp ground flax

1/3 cup cranberries


Combine all ingredients in a microwave safe bowl.  Stir well to combine.  Microwave for 3.5 minutes.  Cool slight,remove from bowl, and enjoy warm!

Optional: decorate with your favorite nuts, jams, maple syrup, fruit, nut butters, etc.

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