Getting Back To It

About 1 week ago, I wrote a post about my month long ‘funk’.  It was not the easiest post for me to write and I thank you for your words of encouragement.  I am still really interested to learn how you bust out of a rut, so leave some comments here or there!  Because I am ME, I wrote up a little action plan and adopted a ‘Fake it Until You Make it!’ attitude towards positivity and exercise this week  One week later, I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER!


Having some down time last weekend to watch basketball and catch up on sleep definitely helped.  The BOY and I enjoyed some healthy meals from the new grill, and I was able to plot out my workouts for the upcoming races.  Approaching quickly…a half marathon on May 6th.  This morning’s planned run was 10 miles.  I went to bed before the Indiana game was over last night much to the distress of my loyal boyfriend.  I woke up early and had my typical pre-long run breakfast of black tea, oatmeal, and an egg.




Then packed up my hip pack with snacks and water.  I decided to try one of my new Picky Bars as a running snack instead of Cliff blocks which I typically use.  I sliced it up for easy eating during the run.




It started to lightly drizzle outside and it was a little cooler than I expected, but since I was fueled up, dressed, and ready to go, I decided my running buddy and I should give it a try.




It was a good thing that I brought along a jacket because it was foggy and damp although we ended up stashing them a mile or two into our run.  We met at the Starbucks in Barrington and ran a 10 mile out and back path.  It is a hilly course with some steep and challenging inclines.  There were many friendly runners out braving the elements and tackling the hills.  After 10 miles, we were both excited to arrive back at Starbucks.




I earned every ounce of that venti soy latte!  When I got home, I had to quickly shower before heading off to a festive and exciting baby shower.  It wasn’t until I got home that I was able to cross off my latest running accomplishment.  As crazy as it sounds, it feels good to be back in training mode!



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