I’m in a Funk

These past few weeks, I have been in a total funk.  Although my weekend in Las Vegas was a nice break from ‘funky’ town, after a long week at work, I am back in my funk. 




For me, a funk is defined as:

-Feeling really tired all of the time

-Not into working out

-Being too busy to do the fun things that I love

-Feeling too tired to do the fun things that I love

-Eating more chocolate than kale

-My SI back pain has returned

-Being grumpy

-Lacking motivation


I think that this list perfectly describes my mood this week.  I haven’t worked out since my run in Las Vegas, and I have been working crazy long hours at work.  When I get home, there is little to no time for socializing, blogging, reading, baking, or sleeping.  And I have been so exhausted (even with 7-8 hours of sleep) that I have not been running before work.  The result of this is that I feel sluggish and fatigued, I’m slightly irritable (the BOY can confirm this), and my pants are feeling tighter than usual.  I woke up this morning and decided that I’m ready to bust out of my rut and start feeling like myself again. Work is going to continue to be busy until the end of the month (I have another 12 straight days of work/class coming up) and I’d like to figure out a better balance starting NOW.


I don’t typically dive too deep into the emotional effects of trying to keep myself balanced because let’s be honest, no body wants to read a downer post. Plus, workouts, recipes, and pictures are much more fun. But, I think ‘funks’ are a normal part of life and I’m hoping for some suggestions on how to get back to my active and energized self.  I take responsibility for the not-so-healthy decisions I have been making, like an extra glass or two of wine here and a day on the couch inside of the gym there.  The thought that I have not been eating much meat and dairy which could affect my energy levels has crossed my mind (I am eating eggs and seafood).  But before I dive into meatloaf and ice cream, I thought I could these funk busters a try.



Yoga has a way of challenging me emotionally and physically.  I leave class with an honest understanding of what is really bothering me and a sense of strength having just tackled difficult poses in a hot room for 75 minutes.  My mom and I have a yoga date set for this Wednesday night.





Down Time

The BOY and I spent some quality time last night preparing dinner on his new grill and watching an intense Indiana basketball game (they won and meet Syracuse in the Sweet Sixteen).  A quiet Saturday night is a calming way to start the week, especially when I get to bed early.  I slept for 10 hours last night!!!


IMG_2779 IMG_2781




Surprisingly, writing about my funk has been quite therapeutic and looking through our fun Vegas pictures as I added them to the blog has definitely made me smile.





Working Out

I have a session with the TRAINER scheduled for Monday morning!  And Chicago is finally thawing out as bike season approaches.  When I run outdoors, I don’t take a head set.  I truly enjoy the quiet time alone with my thoughts.  A lot of new ideas and decisions are made during my runs.






When I saw this quote in a magazine, I knew it described me exactly.  Blame my Virgo side or OCD tendencies, but getting my bags unpacked, my house cleaned up, working through my To Do list, throwing laundry in the machine, and straightening up the house always has a way of calming me and getting me mentally ready for the week ahead.


IMAG0790 IMG_2790



Kitchen Time

A new recipe is always a fun distraction for me.  A fun holiday bread or anything with a cake mix is a great way to spend the afternoon in the kitchen.  Coming soon…I can not wait to make THESE BROWNIES!






With a half marathon, a 10 miler, and a triathlon rapidly approaching, it is time to get serious about my schedule.  I always do well with everything written down on my calendar. Just like with To Do lists, I like to cross off my workouts after I have completed them.






I am nose deep in another Phillipa Gregory book that I would love to finish.  I also have a magazine subscription addiction so there is a lot of Hollywood trash and recipes to read through, plus my fun new cookbooks.


IMG_2148 IMG_2147



Quality Time with Friends and Family

I have a lunch date with a close friend today.  I know catching up on this beautiful day will put me in a good mood and reminds me how lucky I am to be surrounded by such amazing people.





So there it is, my recipe for a balanced life.  This list, combined with the fast approaching spring is exactly what I need to head into this next season feeling like the best version of myself.


A healthy start to the day: I got  myself outside for a steady, not too fast, but not too easy, 6.5 mile run along the path.  There were tons of walkers, runners, and bikers out sharing this sunny morning.  I came home feeling the good kind of tired, the I just ran 60 minutes in the heat kind of fatigue.  I am refueling with a green smoothie and off to take a shower and begin my day.  I am looking forward to a happier and healthier week!



Do you ever find yourself in a funk?

What do you do to bust out of a rut?

I need your help…share your suggestions in the comments!!!

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