Big In Vegas

Day time in Las Vegas is just as fun as the night life!  They even have ‘Day Clubs’ where you can hang out and party.  Some other fun things to do…


Exploring the pools

These pictures were taken at the MGM Grand.

IMG_2592 IMG_2594


IMG_2593 IMG_2595 IMG_2598



IMG_2597 IMG_2605


Wandering through the hotels and casinos

We should play…guess that hotel?!?


IMG_2610 IMG_2616


IMG_2614 IMG_2427



IMAG0593 IMAG0615


IMAG0641 IMAG0667 IMAG0675


IMAG0668 IMAG0670


IMAG0671 IMAG0674




IMAG0680 IMAG0684 IMAG0685


IMAG0682 IMAG0687


IMAG0694 IMAG0695



Lunch at a fantastic Irish Pub in ‘New York’ with outdoor seating.


IMG_2618 IMG_2638


IMG_2621 IMG_2622



And an authentic Irish menu.


IMG_2625 IMG_2626

IMG_2631 IMG_2633


Or a Top Chef’s Sandwich shop in the MGM Grand.

IMAG0756 IMAG0763


Their breakfast sandwiches are INCREDIBLE!


IMAG0759 IMAG0760

IMAG0761 IMAG0762


And for dessert, I treated myself to a little chocolate from the famous Sugar Factory.


IMAG0765 IMAG0766

IMAG0770 IMAG0769


They had these dark chocolate covered cookie pieces that were addicting and totally hit the spot while I was waiting at the airport for our flight home.  I need to figure out how to make them!


IMAG0768 IMAG0771


There were so many things to do that our weekend flew by.


What is your favorite day time Vegas activity???

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