Leaving FOR Las Vegas

For the record, it hasn’t taken me this long to recover, but I am back to my long hectic work days which leaves little to no time for blogging.  Here is our vacation recap…


Last Friday afternoon, the BOY and I headed to O’hare to catch our flight to Vegas.  Can you guess what I ate for lunch at the airport???


 IMAG0497 IMAG0498 


The BOY kindly upgraded us to some big front seats.




Where we ordered a cocktail and got comfy for the long ride west.




Finally…we made it to Las Vegas.  The city of slot machines!






We met our friends at the airport and headed directly to the hotel.  We bypassed the hour long taxi line by negotiating with a limo driver and finding some new friends to share the ride with us.






IMAG0510 IMAG0511


Truth be told, I was EXHAUSTED, but seeing my friends and the excitement of our vacation got me pumped up. Plus, my girl had a little surprise for us.


IMG_2352 IMAG0515


We all sat down for a cocktail before heading out to find something to eat.




Not wanting to travel too far, we found a casual place in our hotel for dinner.


IMG_2362 IMG_2363

IMG_2364 IMG_2365


We ordered a drink and talked about our weekend plans.


IMG_2358 IMG_2360


And then headed out on the town for our first night of fun!







To be continued…

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