Beans and Bananas

I was wrong!




This 32-Bean & 8-Vegetable Soup has plenty of flavor!




I had some for dinner tonight. 




All of the flavors have blended and this soup is delicious and filling!




I spent this morning in the hospital.  My mom had a little procedure today and although she rocked the blue hospital gown, I promised that I wouldn’t post any pictures.  She is down one gallbladder, but feeling good and on the mend.  Recently, she has been reading about wheat and the effects on the body, adopting a diet with less wheat and wheat products.


Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health



She sent me home today with some of her old bananas and so I thought I would make her a banana bread to enjoy during her recovery.




I had some wheat-free flour in the house, and I substituted it in for the all-purpose flour in this amazing One Bowl Banana Walnut Bread recipe.




I have never cooked with gluten-free flour before and had no idea what to expect.




My taste test revealed a promising bread.


IMG_2242 IMG_2243


The bread cooked a little faster than usual ~40-45 minutes.  The outside was brown, but the bread smelled and looked yummy!




I have never tried a homemade bread with this kind of flour before, so I was interested to see how it turned out.




I thought about waiting until tomorrow. 




But then I figured that my mom wouldn’t mind if I borrowed just one little slice!




Maybe she wouldn’t even notice Winking smile




The bread’s texture was slightly different than regular banana bread, but it still tasted warm, fresh, and wonderful!  I think my mother will be pleased!




Do you ever cook with gluten-free flour???



Can you guess what I will be making next??? 

HINT: these are not all going into the same recipe!


2 thoughts on “Beans and Bananas

  1. yummsers! I am ready for my bready!!!

    feeling oh so good today… hoping to get to grocer for ingredients for crockpot apple/sweet potato soup from the 150 best slow cooker recipes on earth, page 81, I think…

    thank you DD, you were such a wonderful caregiver yesterday, even when you had 3 breakfasts and hot tea and I had NOTHING!

    see you later

    • We’ll see how much bread is left by the time that I make it to you!

      I did feel bad about the multiple breakfasts…but I blame that on yesterday morning’s run. So happy to hear that you are feeling good and exploring our new cookbook!

      See you tonight!

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