32-Bean & 8-Vegetable Soup

What have you gotten done today?



Although my toes are still pretty ugly and I didn’t work out, I did get whole bunch of things done around the house that needed to get done, including some cleaning, laundry and a trip to Target.  However, my lazy morning has turned into a semi-lazy afternoon.


Yesterday, I bought this 32-Bean & 8-Vegetable soup mix from the bulk bins at Whole Foods.






It comes with a recipe card.






And only requires two additional ingredients, which is perfect for a lazy afternoon!




I used just under 2 cups of beans and combined it with 4 cups vegetable broth and 4 cups of water.  After two hours of simmering, the beans were tender.  I added in the diced tomatoes, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning and simmered for a few minutes more.




The soup is definitely chock full of healthy stuff (I can’t even name 32 types of beans) and the tomatoes are a must.  Although I don’t typically add salt to soup recipes, I thought this one was a little bland.  If I made it again, I would sauté up some onion and garlic first and then add in the beans and broth.  Most soups taste better the next day, so I am looking forward to trying it again tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted!


You can find more tips and nutrition information on the North Bay Trading Company website.



Do you have any favorite dry soup mixes?

I’ve never tried making a soup from a dry mix before…it definitely cuts down on time, but I must say that I am a huge fan of homemade soups.  Check out some of my favorite soup and chili recipes on the RECIPE PAGE!

9 thoughts on “32-Bean & 8-Vegetable Soup

  1. I have tried these beans from Wholefoods two consecutive weeks for soup. Very nutritious & delicious.A lttle pricey but worth it, I suppose.

  2. Thank you ! I found your site by entering 32 bean soup. I bought the dried soup today, Pre-packaged in a plastic container. A label listed ingredients, but there are no instructions. Looked at W F website, no help. I will try it today. Do you know of any instructions for the ‘Whole Wheat Past Veg Soup.? I sometimes made a large amount for a local soup kitchen and this mix would make it much simpler to do.

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