Power Yoga and Whole Foods

I have been wanting to try out a Core Power Yoga class for many many months, but because most of the studios are located in the city, I haven’t gotten around to it. I have heard fabulous things about their classes and was interested in trying out Hot Yoga at another studio.  A friend of mine and I had plans for a running date this morning, but when the snow started to fall last night, we changed our minds, printed out FREE yoga coupons, and decided to try the 9:30AM Power Fusion class in Bucktown.




I started my day with the MOST AMAZING BREAKFAST before grabbing a travel mug of hot tea and hitting the road.  On Saturday mornings, it takes me no time at all to get into the city, which I love.  I had to take this picture of the Shamrock Shake poster to show the BOY!


mail 2


We made our way over to the studio, which was gorgeous.  The staff was friendly and welcoming.  I had no idea what to expect from a Hot Power Fusion class as I have only done Hot Yoga at one studio.  The instructor encouraged us to set an intention early on, which is something I do at each yoga class.  She reminded us that our intention is important to bring our focus back to our practice when our minds begin to wonder (which mine often does).  With spring around the corner, I dedicated my practice at this new studio to new adventures and opportunities.  The class was challenging and rewarding, similar to my weekly class, but also a little bit different.


What was Different?

More natural light in the room

It might have been hotter, I definitely sweat more

Less time on core exercises (could be good or bad…haha!)

There were mirrors

The instructor prompted us to use an open mouth exhale to get rid of heat


What was the Same?

It was a quiet room

We did a combination of asanas, core work, and deep stretching at the end

The tempo and energy of the class

I felt amazing when I walked out the door!!!


It was a fantastic class led by an experienced instructor, and I truly enjoyed the Core Power Yoga atmosphere.  I am sad that I won’t be able to make it to any other CPY classes during my free week.  Although I am so happy with my local studio, it was fun to try something new.  After yoga, I was drenched with sweat and thrilled that I had remembered a change of clothes.  My friend and I had been talking about green smoothies, so we headed over to Peeled for a Rappers Delight (so yummy!).  I need to figure out to make this green smoothie at home!




We walked across the street to the biggest and coolest Whole Foods I have ever been to.  This is the same area that I explored on the  CHEW tour in the fall.  I haven’t been back to this WF since September and it still amazed me just as much today.  This store has a full bar, a huge array of seafood, beautiful produce, a significant wine and beer selection, a BBQ station, 4 different salad bars, and a sushi chef along with its already extensive selection of cheese, bread, and desserts and knowledgeable employees.






I could have spent the entire day here sampling food and taking pictures!  I was psyched to finally find the Kabocha squash that I have seen in many of The Kind Life recipes.


IMG_2122 IMG_2124


They also had one of my all time favorite Whole Foods premade salads, the vegan curry chicken salad, which I discovered years before I ever thought about giving up meat or dairy.




With vegetarian chicken, scallions, and raisins, this salad is absolutely amazing!  My local WF store doesn’t carry it, so I bought a whole container to bring home with me.




It is tasty as a cold salad, but I like it even better warmed up.  I paired it with a huge green salad and a side of WF veggies for a fantastic lunch, which was fun and healthy after my exciting morning in the city!


IMG_2141 IMG_2140

IMG_2142 IMG_2144


Tonight, the BOY and I are heading out to try a NEW local Mexican place, which is always a good way to spend Saturday night.



What new adventures are you looking forward to?

What is your favorite Whole Foods treat?

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