No Bake Quinoa Energy Balls

I feel that I made it apparently clear that I am done with snowy Fridays

But apparently Mother Nature did not get my memo!




Despite the bad weather, I made my weekly stop at Trader Joe’s to stock up on some favorites.




And some wine…I was surprised to see a Trader Joe’s version of Blanc de Blancs.  For less than $5, I knew I had to try it!


IMG_2089 IMG_2087


The snow was getting thick by the time I made it home.






It was definitely a different homecoming than last week, but I had to smile watching the BOY sip on a beer and snack on some pretzels.


IMG_2079 IMG_2081


Plus, this new beer was amazing!!!  Have you tried this new spring blend yet???  I stole a sip before passing the BOY his favorite Trader Joe’s sweet, mini peanut butter cups.


IMG_2077 IMG_2078


His pre-dinner snack looked tempting, but I had a filling snack of my own this afternoon at work, these No Bake Quinoa Energy Balls.




At the beginning of the week, I made a batch of quinoa.  I was inspired by my Afternoon Energy Bars to make another homemade power snack.




These no-bake bars start with quinoa and add more high protein ingredients to create a filling snack.




These will keep you satisfied so you won’t go looking for sweets in the office. Which is exactly what I need since I will be sporting my bathing suit in Vegas in 1 week.  And considering one of my 8 year old patients just asked me if I was having a baby this week (no joke…looked at my tummy and asked if it was a baby), I am all about the healthy and satisfying treats. BTW, this little boy learned an important lesson totally unrelated to our session. There are three things that you NEVER ask a lady…her age, her weight, and if she is having a baby!


IMG_2065 IMG_2066

IMG_2067 IMG_2068


I have been trying to keep my meals and snacks healthy (and dairy free), which is where these balls fit in.  Although my mom thought they were a little bland, they do make a good afternoon snack and they are easy to grab quickly in between patients.  They kept me full enough to keep my fingers away from the peanut butter cups while I threw together dinner and poured myself a drink.





Here’s another great healthy snack…Almond Butter Cacao Balls



No Bake Quinoa Energy Balls




1 cup cooked quinoa

1/4 cup almond butter

1/3 cup natural shredded coconut

1/4 cup dried cranberries

4 Tbsp ground flax

2 Tbsp light agave




Stir together quinoa, almond butter, coconut, cranberries, and flax in a bowl until well combined.  Add in agave until well coated.  Form mixture into balls and freeze until set.  Store in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 1 week.

Makes 9-10 balls.

3 thoughts on “No Bake Quinoa Energy Balls

  1. Yum! I was eating quinoa for breakfast and added nut butter and raw honey and thought quinoa would be good as snacks…quinoa balls. I like how you put in favorite beverages and I used to work at a TJ’s. Your post is fun and looks like a great recipe! I have a blogpost on making plantain dough while drinking a favorite beer. Look forward to making quinoa balls now! 🙂

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