Taking a Leap

February has been a trying month for me!  The loss of our cat, Emmy, took the BOY and I by surprise and we were pretty upset for awhile.  Following that, I worked the longest week in my life (12 straight days), took a week off of working out because my body needed it, and spent most of the month in a bit of a haze.  All the while, the snow has been falling.


On the brighter side, the BOY and I have spent some quality time together, including this special dinner.  We have enjoyed telling stories and celebrating Emmy’s frisky life and adventures.  We booked a trip to Las Vegas with our close friends and had a fun birthday dinner with my parents and brother. Despite being insanely busy at work, I have made it to a few uplifting yoga classes.  Including tonight when I was able to attend an amazing evening class with my favorite teacher.  On the blog front, I found time to update some older posts with new and bigger pictures, including this one about last year’s snow storm.


Somehow, I made it through this extra long month (Happy Leap Year!) and have survived to tell the stories.  Now that the 29th of February is almost over, I am ready to leap into March.



February Goals

Add more greens (kale, collards, chard) into my and the BOY’s diet

     -I have been eating more greens, mostly kale, but had a delicious spinach smoothie!

     -Add some greens into your diet this month…


Sautéed Garlic Kale

Curried Butternut Squash and Red Lentil Soup with Kale

Lemon Garlic Kale



Get in the pool and swim!

     -YIKES!  Major failure here!  Must get in the pool SOON


Put together a training plan for a half marathon and triathlon

     -I have been running (even 11 miles on one day) and lifting, but don’t have an official plan.  As we say at work…Continue Goal.


Add weekly exercise post to blog

     -I’ve gotten started with this (check out this 20 minute at home workout!), but actually spent more time updating old recipe posts.


Continue to make delicious and healthy meat and dairy free meals each week

     -Having so much fun with this one.  I’ve been barely eating meat and at home, I’m on a big soup and chili kick!



March Goals

-Swim, get in the pool, do some swimming, and then swim some more!

-Put together a training plan for a half marathon and triathlon

-CHEW (explanation post to come)

-Go totally dairy free (not just fake dairy free…there is dairy in chocolate chips)

-Add more exercise posts to blog



What are you excited to LEAP INTO next month???

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