All of the Ingredients


I have collected all of the ingredients to make THIS SOUP.




A few months ago, I made Jenna’s Curried Butternut and Red Lentil Soup.  This soup was outrageously good, and when I saw that Lauren made a modified version, adding kale, I was excited to try it!  Except…I have been unsuccessful at getting all of the ingredients together in my kitchen at the same time.  Until today, that is!


The first step involves roasting the butternut squash.  I didn’t read Lauren’s post carefully before roasting the squash and didn’t have the oven high enough to really roast them good.





Lesson learned for next time, but my lightly roasted squash was still absolutely delicious!




It was hard to keep my fingers away…


IMG_1983 IMG_1982


I kept them busy by tearing up the kale into tiny pieces.




I doubled my recipe since I had more than enough red lentils and could use the entire container of low-sodium vegetable broth.  Plus, I always like to have extra soup to freeze or share.


IMG_1984 IMG_1986

IMG_1989 IMG_1987


This soup was worth the wait.  I love the combination of lentils, squash, and the kale was a fantastic addition.





As soon as the soup was finished, I dug in for a pre-dinner snack.




Despite adding handfuls of kale to my soup, I had some leftover pieces. 




I drizzled them with olive oil, garlic, and chili powder.






I baked the kale at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes turning them into these crispy kale chips.






My kale chips made the perfect side for my real dinner…leftover maple plank salmon!






Make this thick and healthy stew tonight!  I’ll be taking leftovers for lunch this week.

Here is the full recipe!

3 thoughts on “All of the Ingredients

    • My Kale chips were a great afternoon snack. Emmy might have eaten a few a few stalks as well. Remember, the day that I found her IN THE BAG of Kale when I got back from the farmer’s market?!

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