From a Snowy Start to a Sweet Surprise

With all of the excitement about the big storm heading our way, I was upset not to have a snow day today.  I had never thought snow days were possible once you were out of elementary school, but after last year’s Snowpocolypse and getting snowed in for almost 2 days, I am a big fan of ‘Adult’ Snow Days!  Sadly, today was not one of them.  I knew last night driving to my parent’s that it was too good to be true.  Our office was too prepared, with a phone tree and everything.  Plus, I’m just not lucky enough to spend the day lounging around on my couch as opposed to powering through my 12th STRAIGHT DAY at work.  I woke up absolutely exhausted, and not quite sure I’d make it through the day!  The snow was beautiful, and I did enjoy the view of my parent’s backyard as I ate breakfast (my wonderful mom made me veggie eggs).






IMAG0388 IMAG0387 




Although this view is never quite as beautiful!




I did enjoy the quick commute to work and the gorgeous iced tree branches.








10 hours later, my work day was over.  I was as sore as if I’ve been tri training, yet I haven’t worked out all week and I don’t feel like the best version of myself.  On the BRIGHT side…it was a successful weekend of class and I was able to apply all my new knowledge with my patients this week.  The BRIGHTER note…we have a mostly quiet weekend ahead.  I drove home with no traffic (I guess some people DID get a snow day), and I was happy to finally be moving out of my car.


IMAG0397 IMAG0399


I walked into a super clean house (thank you cleaning service) and a BIG SURPRISE


IMAG0403 IMAG0402


A beautifully set dinner table and stunning flowers!






IMG_1941 IMG_1942


And guess who made a vegetarian dinner???




Spinach and garlic stuffed Portobello mushrooms,



With potatoes, broccoli, and onions,




And some extra cheese for the BOY.




He even treated us to a fancy desert.




It is soooo good to be home!



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