20 Minute At Home Workout

I owe you a workout post.  Remember last Monday when I was a lazy bum???  Even though I never left my house, I was still able to break a sweat.  I had cut this little blurb out of Fitness Magazine.  It was part of a reader story, and I thought the moves looked challenging but doable.  I had planned on using it at the gym, but this lazy Monday turned out to be the perfect day to give it a try.




Confession…I didn’t even change out of my PJ’s.  I turned on some trashy TV, found a stop watch and began the exercises.



Each exercise is done for 1 minute at a time so you don’t have to count reps.  I didn’t rest long in between sets, except to grab some water when I needed it.



20 minutes later, Kim K was still frustrated with her husband, but my heart rate was pumping, my arms were tired, and I was surprisingly sweaty!  Plus, I got in a workout without leaving my house.  Bonus!  



Take Home Message

TRY IT!  The moves are tough to do and after 45 seconds, you will be feeling them.

This workout is very arm heavy.  My recommendation would be to add some core.  Throw in a 1 minute plank at the end and then do 4 rounds to reach your 20 minutes.

Looking to increase your cardio, add in a minute of mountain climbers, jumping jacks, sprints, or jumping rope in between exercises.

This will make a great post workout breakfast!



What is your favorite way to exercise at home?

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