Strong and Peaceful

I always look forward to Hot Yoga on the weekends.  And this week, I was especially excited to go.  My body has felt a bit out of sorts, physically and emotionally, and yoga always has a way of pointing me in the right direction.  I was little nervous though because hot yoga also has the ability to stir up emotions, and I wanted this morning’s class to be a positive one.  We had one unopened bag of cat food that the BOY tried to throw away on Wednesday.  I told him I wanted to donate it, but that I would take it out of the house. I have been driving around with cat food in my car, but remembered this morning that the yoga studio does a food drive.  Before class, I pulled together some other food to donate, and then decided to ‘dedicate’ this morning’s yoga practice to celebrating Emmy’s happy and playful side.

IMG_1725 IMG_1721


I even threw on a bright pink headband as I was walking out the door to brighten up my dark colored yoga clothes.  I met my mom at the studio and shared with her my intentions for this morning’s class.  She was onboard!  After feeling like a zombie for the past couple of days, I wanted to feel strong and in control.



The class was fast paced and challenging.  The poses forced me to focus my attention inward, concentrating on my muscles as I adapted to strength moves and balancing poses.  During one single leg balance pose, I had to smile to myself remembering this picture of Emmy joining in on my home yoga session.



The music was uplifting and I felt strong and determined throughout the class, especially when I saw the muscular guy next to me rest during the core work as I powered through it.  I felt the positive energy in the room and I was happy, confident that my good mood would carry over into the rest of my day.


I laid down for our shivasana feeling tired from the intense workout, but with joy in my smile and peace in my heart.  The teacher led us through some relaxation breaths as we calmed our minds and bodies.  He instructed us to feel beautiful, strong, and at peace.  I felt relaxed for the first time all week and an overwhelming sense of calm.  I knew this would be important as I headed into what looks to be a busy two weeks of work/class.  At the end of the class, I took one final deep breath, stretching by body in all directions. I opened my eyes with a sense of direction, which I did not feel when I woke up this morning.



The first place my direction took me was home for leftover Jumbo (notice how much thicker it is today).  I don’t know if it was my good night’s sleep last night or this morning’s yoga joy, but I felt much happier walking out of the studio than I had in a week.  I had a strong body, a peaceful mind, and a happy heart.

And now I am off to…




Who isn’t happy at Costco??? 

To Be Continued…

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