From Costco to…



Last Saturday night, the BOY and I were out enjoying a pitcher of beer and talking about visiting friends in St. Louis during his spring break.  Half jokingly, he threw out the idea of all of us going to Las Vegas.  Our friends loved the idea and for a week we have been talking and texting working out all of the details.


So where does Costco fit in???


Last Sunday, we met my mom at Costco and the BOY spotted gift cards.  After lunch, we headed back to Costco (once again meeting my mom who was still in the area after our yoga class this morning) to pick up the cards.  And while we were there, we also got some food (splitting huge containers of fruit with my mom because who really has space for 5 pounds of grapefruit) and a new office chair for upstairs.



But the most exciting purchase was these $100 gift cards which cost only $80/piece, and there is NO LIMIT on how many you can buy or use.



We made a quick stop on our way home…



Although I HATE McDonald’s (since I am in a good mood, I will spare you my soapbox), the Shamrock Shake is a classic and a favorite of the BOY and I.  He grabbed a large one, and I enjoyed a few sips.  It was cold, minty delight!

IMG_1740 IMG_1741


We headed back home to book our trip using our pile of gift cards.



In just under a month, the BOY and I will be spending a long weekend on the strip gambling, drinking, shopping, and eating with our close friends.  So exciting!!!

IMG_1796 IMG_1750


I have only been to Vegas once, and that was 6 years ago for my brother’s 21st birthday.  Please excuse the quality of the below photos.  They are pictures of pictures from my pre-digital days. 



I loved hiking at Red Rocks.



And fueling up at the Stage Deli.  Biggest black and white cookie ever!!!



We had a lot of fun, but it was November and a little chilly.  I am super excited to go back and hoping that we have some warm weather to enjoy the pools at the MGM Grand where we are staying.  Hooray Costco gift cards!  We are off to Las Vegas and looking forward to some time away!


Thanks also to Costco for making dinner!!!

IMG_1798 IMG_1805

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