I am surprised by how sad I still feel about the loss of our cat, although each day gets a little bit easier.  I think the morning’s are the hardest.  There was usually a soft, then more insistent meow coaxing me out of bed after I snoozed for the second time and the shuffle of blinds as she tried to look out the back door into the darkness as I walked downstairs for breakfast.  Coming home is tough too because she was our little greeter. I am so grateful for the kindness of my coworkers and friends.  Many of them are pet owners, and they understand more about my feelings than I did.  I now truly comprehend the grief that follows the loss of your furry friend.

IMG_7614 IMG_7615


The BOY says that our house is boring now and he is right.  He says that he feels emotionally drained as he tries to work through his law homework. He is used to having a cheerleader and distraction close by.





This is one of my favorite pictures.  I call it Baby Emmy. 



It still hurts a bit to see pictures because she is was so alive and vibrant.  I can’t imagine not having her wonderful (and sometimes annoying) energy running through my house.  Speaking of running, did you know we used to chase each other up and down the stairs and throughout the house.  Usually ending in the office (which was really HER room) with her perched on the back of the chair.  One time in my old apartment we were playing this game of peek-a-boo around a chair, I quickly dodged to one side and was met with a paw in my eye.  She was just trying to reach me, had anticipated my move, and got me.  It was a total KO and I still joke about the time Emmy punched me in the eye.



Having never had a furry pet or spent much time around cats, I found Emmy’s antics to be hilarious.  The BOY, who was raised in a household of cats often wondered about my wonder.  But she would seriously just crack me up.  I always had my camera ready to catch the next funny thing that she did.  Because even through there were times when she drove me nuts, she brought me so many smiles and giggles.



In this past year, I nick named her Kitten Schmitten (still have no idea why?!) which was often shortened to just Schmitten.  I also called her Baby Kitty because I used to hold her in my arms for a cuddle, usually right when I got home from work. It was a good way to prevent her from jumping on my back in between pedicures when her nails were too long.  One time I tried to tap her bum, like you would a real baby, but she yelled at me and ran away.



The first time I pulled out my popcorn maker, the cat was seriously in awe.  She sat over it watching each kernel pop and fly out of the machine.  I think there is a future cat toy in there somewhere.  She could turn anything into her toy, a bowl of cherries, the ribbon on a gift, rubber bands, a piece of string hanging from your clothes, or a pen.



One of Emmy’s favorite places was the window. She loved to peer out into the world, even when it was pitch black.  I’d wake up some mornings and find her head slipped between two panels at the back door as she sat there quietly.  In the day light you would know when she saw a bird, bunny, or snow flake because the panels would rustle and their would be a flurry of activity followed by a low pitched meow.

IMG_4880   IMG_6461


Ever since my winter break, we started the habit of Emmy coming up to bed with me while I read.  We would play this footsie game where I would wiggle my toes or move my foot under the blankets and she would try to catch it, usually with her mouth.  Eventually, she’d give up and curl into a ball on the softest part of the blanket, and we’d both fall asleep until the BOY came up and escorted her from the room.



I had mixed feelings about Emmy’s assistance in the kitchen.  Typically it involved her just laying her body across my recipes, which was not so helpful.  Unless of course the can opener was involved and then she was right there hoping for tuna.  No matter where in the house she was, she always found herself on the counter by the time the can was open.  She would even cross the sink to get to me and was often disappointed to find black beans or pumpkin.  Although sometimes, it was tuna and as I drained it and put some in a bowl, she’d meow at me, screaming hurray up!




I feel lucky that the she built time into her nap schedule to guest blog while I was away at my parents, giving you some insight into her life.



But the main thing that everyone remembers about Emmy is her LOVE obsession with bags.  The first time I discovered this was in my old apartment.  She turned the inside of a GAP bag into her main hangout, peering out into the world with just her eyes.  Although if she was really unhappy with you, then she’d face inside the bag leaving you with just her back end.  Since then, she would turn every bag, box, or container into a favorite home or bed.  It always made me smile to see her new locations, especially the time that I spotted her little tail sticking out of a suitcase.

IMG_6143 IMG_6142










In honor of Emmy, the BOY and I have been lighting a candle each night, laughing about the time she accidently burned a few hairs sliding past a candle trying to get closer to us.  We pick a theme, last night was the funniest stories, tonight a dedication to her bag obsession.  It makes us laugh to share the memory, which makes our house seem a little less quiet.



If you are looking for more Emmy antics, I have shared plenty of stories over this past year of blogging.



I thought starting a blog would help me practice my writing skills, but I never would have anticipated how therapeutic it feels to be able to express my thoughts and emotions in writing. I thank you for reading, commenting, listening, and helping me remember Emmy.  Your kindness and patience are much appreciated by the BOY and I!

IMG_0203 IMG_5616


We miss you Baby Kitty!

3 thoughts on “Emmy

  1. hmmm, she’s a kitty never to be forgotten… I loved the stories, felt bad when she was in time out… and enjoyed our snuggles and head rubs… Emmy left her mark and I am so glad you have so many photos to help remember the moments…

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