Beer Bowl 2012

The beer tour began on our cruise last year and has grown as we continue to enjoy local brews on vacation and expand our beer repertoire back at home.  The day before the Superbowl, I happened to find an interesting article in Chicago Magazine.



Along with discussing some of Chicago’s best drinks, the magazine had an extensive list of must-try winter brews.



I decided this morning that we should do a beer tasting for the Superbowl and snuck my magazine into Binny’s this afternoon on our B double E double R-U-N.

IMG_1582 IMG_1583


The BOY and I chose a few beers from the magazine that we wanted to try and grabbed a few others to give us an extensive international sample.





Since we had a small gathering for the Superbowl tonight and us ladies began with a Toso Brut (one of my new favorites that is frequently on sale at Whole Foods), we didn’t make it through our entire collection of beers.



Of what we sampled, I liked most of them!



Especially the lighter Belgium beers!  However, the Kasteel Rouge tasted exactly like Robitussin…complete with that awful cherry taste and the Monk’s Sour Ale was a little sour for me (although the boys seemed to like it).  With a few more winter beers left chilling in our refrigerator, I am looking forward to expanding Beer Tour 2012 in the weeks to come!

IMG_1574 IMG_1575 IMG_1586


The beer went wonderfully with our Superbowl spread.



And a mostly enjoyable half time show.  I heart me some old school (circa 1990’s) Madonna.  Who wasn’t singing along to ‘Like a Prayer’?

IMG_1619 IMG_1620IMG_1622 IMG_1623


Topped off with a well deserved Giant’s victory, it was an exciting Super/Beer Bowl Sunday!!!




Now if only next year, we can get the Chicago Bear’s involved?!

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