Apps for Health

Although I have had my Smart Phone for awhile, I really haven’t explored the app selection for Android.  I finally took the time to download the Hotmail app and while doing so, I found a Lifetime Fitness app that I can use to check out the group class schedule at my gym.  So much easier than finding it online.  Now if only my local yoga studio had an app.


When someone asks a funny questions, I usually reply ‘I bet there’s an app for that’.  Seriously, there probably is.  I spent a little time this afternoon playing around on the Android Zoom website.  Although I don’t want a million notifications every hour about sports, fitness, news, weather, recipes, and celebrity gossip (ok maybe celebrity gossip), I know that I can use my phone more efficiently than I am.  Here are a few FREE apps that I discovered today:


Daily Ab Workout

Daily Ab Workout FREE

This app gives you a 5-10 ab workout every day.  It got all around good reviews from users and you can also get daily workouts for your legs, arms, butt, cardio, and total body.


Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate

Turns your phone into a heart rate monitor using your finger and the camera!


Map My Run

MapMyRUN Run GPS Running Jog

I used to use this website all of the time to determine the distance of my runs (that was before I had a forest preserve with mile markers).  There are also apps for hiking, biking, and walking.


Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

Music Therapy for Sound Sleep

Uses an EEG to chose music meant to sooth the brain and help you get a good night’s rest.


Water Your Body

Water Your Body

Tracks your drinking habits and reminds to you to drink more water.



Fooducate - Eat Healthy Diet

I was surprised that I had never heard of this.  It has won best app and was referenced in a variety of media.  Pick a product at the store, scan it in your phone.  The app will analyze the nutrition panel and ingredient list and then suggest alternatives.  The website says, “Fooducate is NOT funded or influenced by food manufacturers, supplement companies, diets, or any sort of magic pill.”  I am interested to see how it works!



Urban Warfit CrossFit

Find the WOD or Paleo diet tips.


All-In Yoga

All-in YOGA

With over 300 poses, you can follow a program or design your own.



Have you tried any of these apps? 

What is your favorite app to help motivate your healthy lifestyle?

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