A pajama Kind of Day

Poor kitten is sick!  She has been moping around the house all weekend and is not her usual annoying self.  The BOY and I are starting to worry a little bit.



I have had a difficult time organizing my day today.  I slept until 10AM (such a treat) made a hot cup of tea and spent the rest of the morning and an embarrassingly large portion of the afternoon lazing around in my pajamas.  After a busy weekend, I loved every minute of it.  I spent some time looking up new apps for my phone and researching a possible trip with friends over the BOY’s spring break.  It also gave me some time to take care of the daunting tasks that have been hanging around my never-ending ToDo List for way to long.  I turned the dining room table into my office with a backyard view.



For lunch, I heated up some leftover veggie chili and a sweet potato.  If possible, I think that the chili tastes EVEN BETTER today.  It might be the perfect make ahead recipe.


IMG_1645 IMG_1647


I tried to eat my chili on the potato, but it turned out to be way too messy. If you are looking for that combination of flavors, THIS RECIPE is a much easier way to get it.  My big goal for the day was to finish the third Hunger Games book, MockingJay.  However, by 3:30, I hadn’t even opened the book.  Instead, I had cleaned up my kitchen (making chili is messy business), sent countless emails, finished 3 loads of laundry, took action on my retirement plan, looked up my fastest half marathon time, and turned these mushy bananas into an amazing banana bread using Flour’s Famous Banana Bread recipe that I cut out of Runner’s World Magazine years ago.




It was finally time to make some decisions…

     Was I going to workout today?

     Could I just curl up on the couch and read my book for the rest of the afternoon? 

     Did I need to go to the grocery store?


I did something that I never do, a 20 minute at home workout in my PJ”s (which I will share soon) to get my heart rate going and my blood pumping a bit.  Then I hopped in the shower, put on clean comfies, grabbed a snack (more leftovers from last night) and decided that the grocery store will be there tomorrow and my couch looks might comfy to finish 200 pages of young adult fiction.

IMG_1674 IMG_1658

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