Super Duper Sunday Funday

Most of my Sunday Fundays involve some combination of football and beer, so I am sure you are thinking that I am very confused (and a week ahead) with my Superbowl Sunday post.  I am not!  What can be more fun and exciting than football and beer on Sunday???


The Lululemon Warehouse Sale!!!


This event held at the Rosemount Convention Center was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Rumors were circulating about crazy lines and waits (apparently last year in Canada the line to get in was 6 hours long).  I was debating if I wanted to check it out.  On one hand, I wasn’t in the mood to fight other yogi’s for capri pants, but I am a sucker for a sale and I do LOVE Lululemon.  I had a work party for our patients and their families this morning and by the time it was over at 1:00, I had recruited two friends to swing by the sale with me.  The convention center was packed and it almost reminded me of the Chicago Marathon Expo but not actually that crazy.  After parking and wandering through the convention center looking for the sale, I was beginning to wonder if it was worth it.  We checked in our coats and purses, held onto our wallets and phones and walked into a huge warehouse covered with bins and racks of clothes arranged by size.  Music was blaring and people were dancing and performing yoga.  As we danced our way in, I knew that it was totally worth it!







The prices were hanging overhead.  Being the last day of the sale, the racks were obviously picked over (especially in some of the smaller sizes), but there were still plenty of options to sort through and try on. 







There was a line for the dressing room, but it moved quickly.  I didn’t know what to expect, but walked into a large communal room with my arms full of clothes surrounded by half naked woman hovering around mirrors.  Luckily, my friends had gotten a prime spot.  There is nothing like a cozy dressing room to help you make new friends.



With sizes being scarce, there was lots of back and forth and sharing and digging around in the dressing room bins.  While we were trying on clothes, an announcement was made dropping fur hoodies to $29 and stating that all sizes 10 and 12 were buy one get one FREE.  I grabbed the pile of clothes that I liked and headed out to find some more tanks and goodies for my mom.  My friends were ready to go, but I had one last decision to make.  What color did I want for my FREE (I was already getting one for my mom) hoodie.  Since I didn’t want to wait in line again for the dressing rooms, I made a new friend who took my picture to help me decide.  I wasn’t planning on actually posting the pics but thought they would be good for a laugh.

IMAG0326 IMAG0328 IMAG0329


I went with the pink one so Mom, just a heads up…we have matching hoodies (don’t worry the fur zips out).  I made my way over to the long line to check out, super excited about my purchases.





And snapped some photos while I waited.



IMAG0334 IMAG0337




The last line was to get my purse and jacket back before working my way through the maze of the convention center, paying for parking, finding my car, and eventually the highway that takes me to my house.  Man, shopping can be exhausting!



I made it home with two full bags of clothes (including my mom and my matching hoodies).

IMG_1425 IMG_1422


I’m so excited to wear all my new workout clothes, which will look even cuter knowing that I got them all for a steal.





Now tell me THAT is not a great way to spend a Sunday!!!


Did anyone else make it to the sale this weekend?  What did you think?

2 thoughts on “Super Duper Sunday Funday

  1. I’m so jealous! I didn’t even know about this until last night. A friend of mine went first thing Friday morning and waited in line for 2 hours! By the time she left, the line was 4 hours long. That’s awesome that you didn’t have to wait in line to get in and you still got some great stuff!

    • I heard that the lines were crazy. It was worth it to wait. There were still plenty of cute things. I got everything for the regular price of pants. Pretty sweet! Plus it is much more fun to workout when you have cute clothes : ) I’m hoping it will be back next year…if not, a road trip then!

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