Another Saturday, another car full of ice and snow.



At least this week, the sun is shining, which makes me much happier!  My first Workout of the Day (WOD) was scraping ice off the 6 windows of my car, which proved to be quite an arm workout.



The term WOD is a CrossFit term used to explain the prescribed workout for that day.  For those of you not familiar with CrossFit, it focuses on using varied, functional movements at a high intensity that are adjustable to ANY fitness level (Source).  The days accomplishments are often based on time and posted for the group on a white board.  It is an up and coming workout that is becoming super trendy right now.  Reebok has just become the national sponsor.  People who do CrossFit swear by it and report good results.  Just a side note, many of the CrossFitters that I know also follow a Paleo Diet.  I have been reevaluating my current gym situation.  There are not group classes that fit into my day during the week and I am not a fan of the overcrowded weekend classes.  I thought CrossFit would appeal to my competitive side and wanted to check it out.  A friend recommended her gym which does a free trial class on Saturdays.  Although it is not in my neighborhood, I ventured out this morning to check it out.



The gym is a large industrial looking no-frill room with lots of CrossFit-specific equipment.  We started with a 15 minute warm up written on the white board geared to work strength, range, and balance.  The CrossFit people say that their warm up is other people’s workout, and I can see why.  After the warm up, we split up.  There were 4 of us doing the free trial and the rest of the group went into their WOD.  We got some interesting background on CrossFit and how this specific gym trains.  Then we did an 8 minute workout consisting of 10 squats, 8 situps, and 6 squat to ceiling arm raises with a huge medicine ball.  The goal is do as many sets as possible in 8 minutes.  We used chalk to keep track of our reps with check marks on the floor.  The workout was challenging, but I did pretty well.  We finished with some assisted pullups.  I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t do a full out workout, but I was happy to learn a little about how CrossFit works.  The people were super friendly and welcoming, and I ended up chatting with a few of them before I headed home.  I was really impressed with the gym and the people.  I’m not sure I will be able to fit a weekly CrossFit class into my schedule (mostly because of the location and the fact that some of the classes start at 5:30AM), but if it were in my backyard, I could see myself as a regular.



The sun was shining when I got home and although my phone said it was cold, I decided to try out a snowy run.  I have been wanting to get my feet back into these waterproof trail shoes and today seemed like a good day to try it. 



I headed out to the trail which was covered in a thin layer of snow.  The trail was quiet and the trees were beautiful.  Even with the sun shining, I started off chilly.  I warmed up quickly, enjoying the quiet forest and bright reflection of the sun on the snow.  Four miles later, I walked in the door and was immediately greeted by the kitten.  I thought she was happy to see me, but really, she just wanted to eat some of the snow off of my shoes.

IMG_1411 IMG_1412


For lunch the BOY and I went to check out a new sandwich place in town called Which Wich?.  They have a creative way of ordering and a variety of vegetarian sandwiches.



Each sandwich has a brown paper bag.  Using a sharpie you fill in all the details of how you want your sandwich made (white or wheat bread, cold or hot) and any extras that you want.



I ordered a tomato and avocado sandwich (a rare option that happens to be one of my favorites) with hummus and mushrooms.



The BOY was happy with his Italian sandwich with a side of homemade chips.  My warm and toasty sandwich was delicious and full of avocado.  The hummus was a fabulous addition.  There aren’t many places that have hummus as an option which is one of the reasons that I am now a HUGE fan of Which Wich?

IMAG0309 IMAG0306

IMAG0310 IMAG0308 


The BOY and I both agreed that this is a place that we will come back to.  If there is one popping up in your neighborhood, you should give this unique sandwich shop a try.


What was your Saturday WOD???

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  1. […] I tried a CrossFit class a year ago.  I thought the people were friendly and the workouts challenging.  That specific ‘box’ was just too far from my house and the class times didn’t fit into my schedule.  Fast forward 1 year to a gym-less Jen NEEDING to get back to strength training.  Since I’m not paying a gym membership, my plan is to try out some new and different classes this winter to keep me strong and beat winter boredom.  I knew there was a CrossFit place in the town over, and when I went online to check out their schedule, I found a gym 10 minutes away.  And, Then…I found an awesome Groupon.  For the price of one of my typical training sessions, I got 10!  This was after a few glasses of wine so without even thinking about it, I pulled out my credit card and bought one. […]

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