A Giant Nail biter

After a weekend mostly inside attached to my computer, I was thrilled to leave my house (and computer) and head over to my parents’ house to cheer on the New York Giants in the NFC Championship game.  My dad is a native New Yorker and a lifelong Giant’s fan.  When I arrived, he was already settled in his chair. My brother, who had been out for the last two games, was staying in the city, so my dad found a replacement.





This sweatshirt, complete with past game stains, is almost as old as I am and ONLY comes out for special occasions, like the NFC Championship.



Since I don’t have any Giants gear of my own, I was allowed to borrow the sweatshirt temporarily.

IMAG0290 IMG_1375


For dinner, I made a unique vegetarian chili recipe from Vegetarian Times.  When I decided to decrease my meat consumption, I signed up for emails from Vegetarian Times.  I got the recipe for Ultimate Vegan Chili from one of these emails.



I have never used chipotle peppers in adobo sauce before.  I wasn’t sure how spicy they would be, so I stuck with just one.  Next time, I would definitely add another one or two.

IMG_1340 IMG_1342


Instead of Seitan, I subbed in 1 cup of red lentils. 

IMG_1344 IMG_1348


For the beans, I used black, kidney, and pinto.  I forgot to chop up my mushrooms..oops!





I used the crockpot on low heat 8-10 hours, but only cooked the chili for 6 hours.  Don’t forget to add 1-2 cups of water if using the crockpot.  The actual recipe calls for a stovetop version.  The chili is hearty, filling, and meaty!  You’ll be shocked that it is not only vegetarian, but that there are no tomatoes.



I also made a salad and had some leftover muffins from treat day.  I stored them in an airtight tuperware in the freezer and was pleasantly surprised with how good they still tasted when I thawed them out.

IMG_1366 IMG_1369


Although the chili doesn’t look to pretty, it really turned out delicious!





Plus,it gave us the energy we needed to survive that nail biting 4th quarter.





And cheer the Giants on to their exciting victory and Superbowl appearance!



Here is the recipe for GIANTS VICTORY CHILI.  We’ll be cheering them on again in two weeks when they play the Patriot’s in the Superbowl XLVI.

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