Last Island-St. Kitts



So I totally didn’t mean to get a panoramic view of the port and just realized it as I loaded up these pictures.  I think it gives you a good idea of my view from the boat during my morning run and yoga session.  Who wouldn’t love getting sweaty running laps around a tiny track with a view like this?!



We took our time getting off the boat and enjoyed breakfast in the dining room.  We had no real plans for St. Kitts…just a bathing suit on our backs, towels and sunscreen in our bags, and camera in my hand.

IMG_0933 IMG_0935


We wander through the built up port looking slightly lost as we discussed our options.  There were plenty of taxi drivers available to take us around the island flashing pictures of dazzling beaches.  We asked about one beach that we had looked up online before the trip and were told it would cost us $28 each way. 

IMG_0937 IMG_0940


We continued walking through the little port town debating our options when a man chased us down waving his arms and offering to drive us to the beach for $5 per person.  He explained that he already had 4 people in his cab so it would be cheaper.  We continued to go back and forth…having no real plan or destination in mind.  I’m always nervous when something sounds to good to be true, but I liked the idea of a $10 cab ride and I really liked the idea of having other cruisers in the taxi with us as we traveled unknowingly across the island.  We finally decided ‘why not?’ and started walking to the parking lot with our new escort. I was slightly nervous we wouldn’t be able to find his cab as he continued to try to round up patrons, but it was easy to spot since there was only one RED TAXI in the parking lot.  The Reggae Van!






The road to the beach was narrow and windy and in true Caribbean fashion, our driver dashed in and out of cars and around rock slides as he pointed out local landmarks.





I held on for dear life with one hand while I tried to snap pictures of the bright scenery with the other.





From the looks of the parking lot still under construction, I didn’t know what to think when we arrived at our beach destination.  But the minute I walked through the door, I knew we had hit the jackpot.







The colors were magnificent and it looked like a scene straight out of a movie.  We rented two chairs, but we ended up spending most of our time in the swimming in the water taking more goofy pictures with our disposable camera, walking along the beach, or searching for seashells in the sand.









Time flew by way to quickly and before we knew it, our Reggae taxi was back to get us.  The BOY and I decided that we wanted to stay and that it would be okay if the boat left us in paradise for just a few more days.





As we were exiting the parking lot, I realized that I had no idea where I was.  Last minute, I tried to snap this picture to remember (and recommend) the beach when I got home.



The Carambola Beach Club is overlooking St. Friar’s Bay.  It is only a few weeks old and they are still working on the website.  It seems that they are known for their Caribbean cuisine and wine; however, the menu is pricey.  Unfortunately, we just missed the tapas bar that opens at 2:30 each day.  The good news is that you can get local beers for $3 and the view is priceless!  Speaking of views, on the way back to the ship, our driver stopped at the top of a hill so we could get pictures of this breathtaking view where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean.





And the other side of the hill, home to the St. Kitts Marriott which can house up to 900 guests at a time!





I really hope to be staying at that Marriott one day!  The funniest part of our ride back was the man riding the donkey that literally bumped into our taxi as we crept up to the top of the hill.  He had the most adorable monkey on his back, who was holding on for dear life, but popped up just as I snapped my picture.



We returned to the boat excited for two more days at sea, but sad to be leaving the sunny Caribbean behind.



Is it cold and snowy where you live?

There are more beautiful views and islands stories of St. Maarten and St. Lucia to warm you up.

2 thoughts on “Last Island-St. Kitts

    • Thank you! The colors were so bright and dynamic, that the pictuers could not have turned out badly.

      With the snow storm I just drove home in, my vacation feels so long ago! The BOY and I will definitely need another beach vacation soon!

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