Snorkeling in St. Lucia

Good morning St. Lucia!






I enjoyed breakfast on the balcony as we pulled into the island.  A few of my ‘neighbors’ were up to check out the view too.  Needless to say, I didn’t get much reading done.  I was too busy snapping pictures.

IMG_0792 IMG_0830


The BOY and I were scheduled for an excursion at 11:30AM.  This gave us a little time to get off the boat and roam around the shops in the port.







We saw a visually impaired band that was really pretty good and bought a few little trinkets to take home.



Then got back on the boat to change into our bathing suits.  We boarded a speed boat and headed out for a 60 minute ride to the pitons.  The pitons are twin volcanoes on the west coast of the island and a popular site to see in the Caribbean. 

IMG_7088 IMG_7092


On the way out there, we received our snorkel equipment.  With size 15 feet, the BOY always has trouble with this part.

IMG_7118 IMG_7120 IMG_7121


The view from the boat was incredible.

IMG_7136 IMG_7142

IMG_7164 IMG_7175


And snorkeling between these towering green mountains was tons of fun!  I can’t say that it was the best snorkeling that I’ve ever done, but there were some colorful fish to see and a spectacular view to enjoy!  The colors even looked good on our disposable camera.


00660010 00660011


Afterwards, we enjoyed a cold Piton beer (a local brew that we hadn’t tried yet) and a stroll beside this beautiful beach resort.

IMG_7199 IMG_7202


After a full day on the island, we got back on our boat for some free rum punch and another scenic route ‘home’.  We boarded the cruise ship and set sail for our last island, St. Kitts.


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