Local Eats-St. Maarten

After an afternoon lazing around on the beach and drinking cool beer, the BOY and I were ready for some lunch.  We checked out a few places (he had his heart set on a burger), but many of them were very expensive.  And one was all out of EVERYTHING.  We wandered into a casual open air café with tourists and locals sitting at tables and surrounding the bar.  Out front, there was a reggae band playing on the beach.



And a great view of the beach.







We sat down next to a friendly woman and started chatting.  It turns out that she used to work in the city next to where we live.  She now lives and works in St. Maarten.  What a small world!  The BOY was set to order a burger when the chef (a friend of our old neighbor) came out to say Hello.  He nixed the burger idea (but approved of my fish taco wrap) and told the BOY he would make him something special.



The result was this shrimp wrap with special sauce.  It tasted EXACTLY like the Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish, and the BOY was thrilled!  The chef came out and the BOY was able to put down his wrap for a moment to share his compliments.  My fish wrap was also tasty and the fries were seasoned perfectly.





The only bad news was that they only took cash.  Luckily we had enough to pay for lunch and leave a nice tip.  The worse part is that I totally can’t remember the name of the restaurant.  If you’re interested, its on the southern side of the boardwalk, right next to a drink hut.  There are yellow walls and high tables out front with a white awning.  Look for a laminated menu (as seen in the first wrap picture) and super friendly staff.  Happy hunting…it’s totally worth it!

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