Flexitarian Update

Good Morning!

How are you feeling on this last day of the year???

Me…I do not feel like it is the last day of the year.  I’m sure the sun has something to do with it or the fact that my week was thrown off by not working and planning for my vacation in 4 days.  I know Saturdays are usually busy and being the last day of the year, today will be even busier, so just a quick moment to check in with my December Goal for a meat and dairy free lifestyle.


My over all opinion, I like it!  I find that I don’t miss the meat.  I have eaten a lot of plant based main dishes and bumped up my grains. I am also eating seafood, so fish, shrimp, and scallops offer me options when I am dining out.  I went the entire month meat free except for a planned meaty dinner at Chicago q two days ago, where the only thing better than the BBQ was the company and conversation.  I went light on the meat, however, not sure how it would affect my body, and was happy to return back to my meat free ways the next meal.


The dairy is obviously MUCH harder.  It is in everything!  Although I avoided whole cheese and milk as I’m sure you could tell by Holiday Post Mania, there were plenty of sweats containing milk, chocolate, and butter that I nibbled on…mostly in moderation.  I did find that my tummy troubles disappeared for the month, but that I had more discomfort when I was eating more dairy and processed sugars.


Although I failed at the vegan lifestyle, I found that I do make a good Flexitarian (I like this term because it implies being flexible and not following a strict or rigid eating plan).  I enjoyed creating meat free dinners (like this one).  I do miss the convenience of being able to order meat out.  Most places, especially sports bars, don’t have good meat and dairy free options and I know I won’t want to cook two dinners every night for the BOY and I.  But I do think that I am (at least at this point) going to eat meat and dairy as a treat and continue to explore plant-based proteins.  I am not sure how long it will be before they have crept back into my diet or maybe they never will.  Although I am heading on a cruise ship where frozen yogurt (my number 1 favorite dessert) is available 24 hours/day, so TREATS may be allowed more frequently ; ).


My plan for January is to continue with a healthy lifestyle on vacation because I WANT to and to push myself to be an all-weather runner and exerciser when I return.  The day is too busy to waste time thinking about anything more specific than that.  And January is often wasted on too easily broken resolutions.  I am off…enjoy your day!


Have you made any lifestyle changes this year?  What was the result?

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