Happy Blogger-versary

One year ago yesterday, I started a blog.  I don’t know exactly what I was thinking, and I’m not sure I even knew what that meant.  But I set up a site, posted a few words, and Luv What You Do was born!


I was pretty lost, so I asked some friends for help and searched other local sites.  My thought was that I wanted to share my recipes, challenge myself to be a better cook and baker, and maybe even inspire someone to start a healthy habit.  Since then, the blog has grown.  I now share more pictures, stories, and thoughts along with my workouts and recipes.  I have a better understanding on how to lay out a blog post.  These tiny pictures from my first posts crack me up…but the dessert recipes are still delicious!


I have learned quite a bit about blogging and the blogging community over this past year:

  1. Healthy lifestyle bloggers have a lot in common including their favorite season: fall, a love of pumpkin, the need to enter every local 5K, a desire to make new holiday cookies, and a habit of taking self portraits throughout the day.
  2. Bloggers are supportive of each other and their communities.  They band together for bake sales and fundraising and support each other through difficult times.
  3. Blogging takes way more time and energy than I ever imagined!
  4. Most pictures of food are not taken in the kitchen.  This is not true for me, but the professional looking pictures you see on many blogs require some extra equipment and prep (see number 3).  The good thing is that unlike in magazines, the food is always real and edible!
  5. Bloggers LOVE their pets.  They are featured in pictures, posts, and stories.  Emmy was even my first guest blogger!
  6. People WILL look at you funny for taking pictures of your food at the grocery store and restaurants.
  7. Non-bloggers don’t really get it!
  8. Your camera will be much dirtier than usual when you are taking pictures on food with sticky fingers.
  9. Windows Live Writer will change your life!  It is also good to have an understanding of your server site (which I actually do not, but I am working on it).
  10. Don’t expect an instant following.  It takes time to build your site and attract followers.  The use of social media is huge here.  Get involved in the blogging community.

And the most important thing that I learned is…

Stay True to Yourself!

     -Post about your passions, what you know, and of course what you LUV.


My Plan for this next year…well, I don’t really have one.  Other than making some modifications to the layout.  After a year, I’m not really digging the brown background any more.  If blogging continues to be enjoyable, then I will keeping doing it.  I like having a creative outlet.  I have always been interested in photography and practicing my writing is just a bonus.  Plus, blogging keeps me motivated to prioritize a healthy lifestyle in my busy life!  And keeps me in touch with friends, family, and a community of fun and exciting people!

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