First Day of Vacation

I can’t believe I just got in a sunny outdoor run on December 24th!  The motivation…this new fabulous Nike top that I got for Hanukkah last night.



Speaking of Hanukkah…



Look at the fun arrangement of treats that I put together for our Hanukkah celebration!





It’s fun to see all of my efforts come together on one plate.  You can find all of these cookies and candies on the Recipe Page!


I didn’t set an alarm this morning and woke up after 9 amazing hours of sleep.  I whipped up some plain oatmeal (The BOY claims to be an oatmeal purist) and then went back to the couch to watch a few episodes of Law & Order and catch up on some email and blogging.  Now that I am officially on vacation (my office closes between Christmas and New Years giving me a week off),  I like to use this time to slow down a little and catch up on the things that I love.  This week’s list also includes…

-Cleaning up the house (specifically the kitchen)

-Packing for our upcoming vacation

-Home improvements and decorating

-Updating the blog site

-Spending some QT with the BOY who finally has a little down time in between law school semesters, which may include some of Mario Cart, and definitely starts with dinner tonight at Cooper’s Hawk tonight.


This afternoon is all about doing…NOTHING!  I don’t have anything planned before our 8PM dinner reservation.  Hoping to get in some of the Giants vs Jets game…GO GIANTS!!!  And make a batch of these gluten free cookies.


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