Winter Wonderland

On what occasion are these two lovely ladies responsible for breakfast?

IMG_7801   IMG_7803


On the first real snow fall of the season…

When your house is filled with holiday baking goodies…

You didn’t sleep well because your bedroom was hotter than a hot yoga studio…

And the BOY asks ‘Instead of chocolate chips, can I have mint M&M’s in my pancakes?’




Why Not???

I’ve been feeling rather creative lately!

IMG_7805   IMG_7806


I even tried to make ONE BIG PANCAKE instead of mini pancakes like I usually do!



Unfortunately, I was not so good at flipping the pancake.



The good news is that a little powdered sugar can hide a funky looking pancake.



With some butter and maple syrup…



Breakfast is served!!!


Pancakes are always a warm touch on a chilly morning.  Since I won’t be going for a run, it’s time to dig out my car and head off to Hot Yoga.




This afternoon’s game plan…



Baking my way through the rest of these tasty goodies!  Although it seems that we have an Oreo loving mouse in the house…

IMG_7795   IMG_7796

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