Annual Bear’s Chili Party


I spent my afternoon surrounded by my close friends, dressed in my Sunday uniform, enjoying our home made treats, and catching up on life at the Third Annual Carpool Bear’s Chili Party.  The ‘carpool’ includes a group of us ‘kids’ who met 27 years ago when we carpooled to 3 year old nursery school and our parents who drove us everyone until we were 16.  Since then, we have added some spouses and for the first time this year, a third generation.  You may remember the ‘Ya-Ya’s’ (as we refer to our mom’s) from the Challah making lesson and CHEW tour. 

IMG_7555 IMG_7556


As always, there was plenty of food.  We had appetizers (with B-dubs wings), three kinds of chili (beef, turkey, and veggie), two corn breads, and a variety of homemade desserts.  The ladies buzzed in and out while the guys sat intently on the couch coaching watching the game and only leaving during half time to venture up to the kitchen for chili.



It was fun to get everyone together.  You can tell we are a serious BEARS crowd.




And the Ya-Ya’s enjoyed snuggling with the babies and catching up on their knitting. 

Obviously, they missed the blue and orange memo!




Our afternoon was a success, although the Bear’s performance was not.  As they continued to tank in the fourth quarter, we brought out the sweets to cheer everyone up. 





What an impressive dessert spread!  Those adorable Chicago Bear’s football cookies were made by the talented Sugar Coated Chef and these ladies can take credit for making all the delicious food. HERE are my recipes!



See you next year for the Fourth Annual Carpool Bears Chili Party!

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