So happy that this week is over…it was an exhausting one!


A few things to update before we head into the weekend.



I completed my 2 weeks of pushups, took a tiny break for holiday travels, and then did my next push up test.  The results…35 pushups!!!  Considering I started at 25 pushups, I was pleased with my progress.  Now, I am moving on to week 5 (the first column).  Interestingly, I am now doing 8 sets of fewer pushups.  I have also slightly modified my goal to doing 50 pushups (instead of 60) in a row by the end of the year.  Yikes! 

How is your pushup challenge going???



-Figure out cold weather workout schedule and return to the gym (strength training 2xweek and get back to spin)

     I am getting there!  I even went to the gym twice this week before work.  Once for strength training and yesterday I ran intervals on the treadmill.  It was my first time back on the treadmill for a workout since last winter.  I haven’t made it to a spin class yet, but once the snow is here, I will be biking indoors.

-Eliminate artificial sweeteners

    I can’t believe it, but I did it.  I have kicked my 30 year (okay, not quite 30 year) Crystal Lite habit and eliminated diet soda.  Some of my other favorites (like Snapple) also have fake sweeteners.  Bummer!  The replacements…water with lemon and lots of iced tea.

-Practice mindful eating on vacation (NYC…here I come!)

     This area is a work-in-progress.  I have been reading a lot about mindful eating and getting some great tips from Jessica.  More on this to come…

-Fall cleaning of the closets, kitchen cabinets, and pantry

     I got a good closet cleaning done and donated LOTS of clothes.  I plan to do a little more over my winter break.



I have been dairy free for a week and that is going okay.  The lack of meat has been harder and required a lot more planning.  Breakfasts are about the same…eggs, PB and banana, and oatmeal with flax.  I’ve had to get much more creative for my lunches and dinners (wait until you see my tasty quinoa stuffed squash).  I have been eating a lot more grains and didn’t have any meat (before tonight’s dinner of fish).  Luckily, I went to Trader Joe’s and stocked up on some veggie burgers for last minute emergencies.  I anticipate that the weekend will be a little more challenging!


How am I feeling 1 week in?  Well, I have been exhausted. I am not sure if it has more to do with my vacation last week or lack of meat.  The Kind Life book says that it can take months to ‘detox’ from meat.  Apparently, the body has to adjust and learn how to use plant based foods for fuel.  Interesting…right?  The key is to CHEW in order to break down the food into glucose for energy.  More chewing…here I come!


Friday FYI:

365 chocolate chips (including the vegan ones) are on sale at Whole Foods  They are priced under $3 and there is a $2 coupon in the flyer.  Stock up before your holiday cookie baking begins.



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