Kitchen Raid and Chocolate Cherry Cookies

I am packing up for our trip out to New York.  My parents and I are leaving tomorrow night.  Take a look at who thinks she is hitching a ride!  Apparently she doesn’t know that we are driving (and not flying first class)!

IMG_6138   IMG_6139



Since I am leaving tomorrow after work, I am working my way through the perishable food in our house.  I think I forgot about my travel plans when I was at TJ’s and WF’s this weekend and overbought on lettuce and squash.  It made for some creative and tasty meals today.  I made a batch of these bars to take with me on my trip.




I threw together a salad using lettuce, broccoli slaw, leftover quinoa (from bars above), sweet potato, peas, dried cranberries topped with Annie’s dressing.

IMG_6875   IMG_6879IMG_6882   IMG_6884




I roasted delicata squash, butternut squash, parsnips, and a sweet onion along with some mushrooms.  I tossed them together over brown rice with grilled chicken that the BOY brought me home from our favorite Mediterranean place.  Dinner could not have tasted better if I had actually planned it!

IMG_6914   IMG_6919

IMG_6920   IMG_6924


I was quite impressed with my impromptu meals.  For dessert, I made Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Cookies.  I followed another one of Martha’s recipes for the cookies and added in dried cherries and mini chocolate chips instead of raisins.



The cookies are sweet and delicious.  They are soft on the inside and crispy along the edges.  I think I will pack a few of these for my trip as well!


IMG_6895   IMG_6900



It was a day of good food combinations…quinoa and sweet potato, squashes with mushrooms and brown rice, and of course chocolate and cherries!  Gotta luv a kitchen raid!!!

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