Planes, Trains, and Taxi’s

I came up with a few alternative titles for this post including…

I am an Idiot

My Taxi Tour of the City

I Luv the BOY

On an Adventure

Da’ Bears


The BOY and I were lucky to get tickets to tonight’s Chicago Bear’s game from a friend.  I have been looking forward to this day for a few reasons, like because Bear’s games are super fun and exciting…but mostly because the BOY and I were going to get to spend the day together at the super fun and exciting Bear’s game.  He has been working hard and hitting the books and with finals just around the corner, I know our weekend adventures will be limited. 

We got all dressed up in blue and orange and headed to the train station with all the other suburbanites to catch the 12:12 train, happy to be getting into the city early for lunch and a drink.



I brought along a trashy magazine to fill the time and the BOY played on his new phone.  He was trying out the camera feature when he snapped this photo.



When we made it to Union Station, we collected all of our belongings and the BOY looked at me and asked if I had the tickets.  My heart skipped a beat and I immediately said ‘No’ and the rest of our conversation went something like this…

BOY: with a smile ‘Ha ha…that’s a good one’. 

ME: ‘Do you have tickets?’

BOY: ‘No…don’t you?’

ME: ‘NO!!!’ (starting to panic)

BOY: ‘Are you just trying to fool me?’

ME: Tell me you have the tickets

BOY: Where are the tickets?

At which point, my eyes started to tear up and I think he believed me.  As we walked down the stairs and exited the train, we ran through our options… 

Call friend to pick up tickets on his way to the game?  Nope…he already left

Get back on the hour long train ride home?  Nope…the next train wasn’t until 2:30 and the game starts at 3:15

Borrow my brother’s car?  Nope…neither one of us can drive stick

Take an expensive taxi ride 37 miles home?  Guess that’s our only option!



I must admit, I was pretty upset when we got into the taxi.  I spend a lot of time in the car on the highway commuting to and from work and traffic can be awful!  It certainly was not where I wanted to spend my afternoon with the BOY.  As we got into the cab, the BOY said ‘I guess now I believe you!’.  He grabbed my hand and smiled at me, making me feel better.  Better enough to snap a grumpy faced photo…



Our cab driver was very nice and I felt like I was in How I Met Your Mother where they make friends with their cab driver in an early season and he continues to show up in their lives throughout the next 5 seasons.  The BOY and I laughed and joked as we headed for home and he told me I could not blame forgetting the tickets on Emmy (the cat) who had had a nasty hairball that morning which distracted me. 



After making it home, we had to make another pit stop at the ATM (who carries that much cab fare in their wallet?) which happened to be across the parking lot from Starbucks (who was having a 2 for 1 on holiday favorites this afternoon).  Armed with my Bear’s tickets and a soy gingerbread latte and almost an hour to go before game time, I was finally able to fully relax and smile.



We made it to Soldier field 5 minutes late (which all things considered is pretty incredible).  We were able to hear the National Anthem from our taxi and didn’t even miss much of the game as we elbowed our way through the crowds and sprinted to our seats.


IMG_6842   IMG_6844


It was an action packed game with plenty of scoring, penalties (not in our favor), interceptions, and singing…

IMG_6850   IMG_6851

IMG_6853   IMG_6854


Despite our ridiculous commute to the game (which I later titled planes, trains and automobiles taxi’s), we had a fabulous time getting in on the excitement and huddling together to stay warm!  Plus…the Bear’s won AGAIN!



I am so grateful to the BOY for staying calm today and keeping a positive attitude when I was feeling so horrible about forgetting the tickets.  He really made this day a success.  He even made me laugh when he said on the way home ‘The good news is, in our next 40 years together, I bet we won’t ever forget tickets to anything again’. 

I bet he’s right!!!

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