How Are You Doing with Your Pushups?

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the Pushup challenge!

And look who decided to join in?

IMG_6721   IMG_6722


Actually, she just wanted to sit on the charts.  Perhaps she thought she’d get stronger by osmosis!  I am moving along with my pushups almost through Week 4.  This morning, I got up early to go to the Foundations Yoga class and was psyched to see the new studio.  Tribalance has moved into their new and improved space a few doors down in the same strip mall.  I didn’t know much about the new space and was so impressed when I got my tour this morning.  The colors are warm and inviting and their holistic medicine area is brand new.  The locker room is clean and spacious and they plan to increase their weekly class schedule…I might even be able to get in a morning session before work.  There are 4 different rooms, named Mind, Body, Sprit, and Soul with different purposes depending on the practice.  Construction is continuing through the new year, but you can already tell what a spiritual and special space this will be.  In the studio, the lighting was warm and calming and the extra space was appreciated, especially as we worked on half moon pose against the wall this morning.  We did a lot more stretching and hip openings today, so my arms were still fresh when I came home.  I went straight into pushup position for Day 2’s reps.



I completed the first 4 sets on my hands and the last set of 28 on my knees.  I definitely needed more than a minute rest in between, but after only 2 weeks, I am obviously stronger based on the number of repetitions.  I must say, pushups are hard work.  They really get my heart pumping!



Look at the fun new feature I found on my camera.  It’s a 10 second delay with 3 continuous pictures.  Not perfect for floor workouts, but still fun!



I have been reading some interesting books on healthy eating and lifestyles lately (and hope to share some thoughts on the blog soon).  It motivated me to pick up some unique items at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods this weekend.



And I found precut butternut squash at Trader Joe’s.  At $4.99 per bag, it is worth the convenience for easy weeknight meal prep.



What new foods did you pick up on your weekly grocery store run?

4 thoughts on “How Are You Doing with Your Pushups?

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this – am not sure I can get the precut butternut squash in the UK though.. Since I am going to India regularly for Yoga I really love cooking with ghee, it gives such a great taste to almost anything you can think of – no ashram kitchen runs without it 🙂


    • I have read about ghee but never tried it myself. I will definitely look into that.
      What a wonderful opportunity to do yoga in India. I really do hope to find myself out there at some point!

  2. well on the mom side, I am doing wall push ups, actually using a 1/2 wall and am working it, being very sure to keep my elbows in…. stronger for sure

    now… off topic… let’s just review that I ran for 50 minutes in a row without stopping yesterday… probably about 4 miles… making the soldier field 10 miler sound realistic. (it is not until May!)

    and…. Helene bought the squash and at her traader joes the sample lady made up a recipe using a tj already prepared packed of celery onion and spices… yum

    • yum yum! Must get to work on my squash before leaving for vacation!

      CONGRATS on your long run. I definitely see a 10 miler in your future (and a guest blog post). You are such an inspiration!

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