Accidental Granola

I wouldn’t want anyone out there to think that every one of my kitchen adventures results in a success.  For the most part, I write about the good things (my blogging time is limited, and I like to share my recipes), but I have often made recipes that are ‘less than stellar’, that the BOY turns away, or that just don’t turn out at all.  On Monday, I attempted to make an afternoon snack bar for this week.  I vaguely followed a a vegan recipe adding some of my own ingredients and omitting a few.  I was trying to decrease the sugar and decided not to use maple sugar…big mistake! 



The result…a dry, crumbly mess that did not resemble a granola bar!

IMG_6675   IMG_6679


I debated what to do.  I hate to throw away food and didn’t want to give up, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with these tasty pieces.  So I decided to try to make a granola.  I mixed it up on a baking sheet, drizzled on some agave and stuck it into the oven on low for about 15 minutes. 



The second time around result…Granola!!!

IMG_6689   IMG_6690


Yummy!  Who doesn’t love granola???  And this one has nut butter, flax, coconut, and dried cranberries….a tasty combination!  And another happy…I finally finished my fancy nut butter. 

IMG_6645   IMG_6644


I have been waiting to finish this jar for the sole purpose of making another round of Overnight Oats In A Jar.  Due to the smaller jar size, I omitted the banana, but it was an amazing breakfast after my strength session at the gym yesterday.



As for the granola…that was this morning’s breakfast.  I combined it with Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs cereal, almond milk, and berries for a sweet and satisfying morning meal. 

This almost looks like a Kashi commercial!

IMG_6708   IMG_6713


One last note not related to granola or breakfast…my mother informed me that the adorable bowl displayed in the previous post is actually a YOGA CUP.  Although I would be thrilled to find a Wednesday night yoga class that fits into my schedule (the class near my house doesn’t start until 8:15pm), I typically take Wednesdays off from exercise, except for pushups per the 100 pushup challenge.  Tonight after my pushups, I had to settle for the yoga cup instead of the class.  I filled it to the brim with the sugar cookie tea that Emily swears by on her blog.  It smelled sweet and delicious (surprisingly just like a sugar cookie) as I curled up on the couch for some evening TV with the BOY.





Ps…Look for the tea at Target!

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