Weekend Recap

Wow!  A packed windy city weekend can really fly by!

We drove down to Chicago yesterday afternoon and checked into our hotel on Michigan Ave.  The BOY was able to get us an upgrade with a great view of the city.

IMG_6538   IMG_6539



We dropped off our bags and headed out on Michigan Ave enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and window shopping.

IMG_6488   IMG_6490


Does this artwork look familiar?  I love the added sparkle!



Our hotel happened to have a wine bar (yes I planned it that way) and we stopped in for a pre-dinner drink and snack. 




I was in the mood for bubbles and the BOY ordered us a flight of hard cheeses.

IMG_6493   IMG_6497



IMG_6501   IMG_6502


Months ago I made a reservation at David Burke’s Primehouse for the BOY’S 30th Birthday.  I was able to keep it a surprise, and he was thrilled when he found out where we were headed for dinner.  I didn’t want to take away from the evening by getting camera happy with the food, but I definitely needed to get a shot of his face as he ate his 55 day aged steak.

IMG_6504   IMG_6506


I was able to get a picture of my last scallop.  It was all that was left on my plate after I devoured the squash and quinoa that the scallops were sitting on.



For dessert…



Donuts!  These tasty bites of fried dough come with three flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and peach ginger (so yummy) and instructions for a ‘Do It Yourself’ filling.  We had a lot of fun with these!




Dinner was amazing and I highly recommend the restaurant for those meat eaters out there.  The whole dining experience was wonderful, especially for a special occasion.  The BOY was very pleased with his steak and everything else that we ate was fresh and unique.  After dinner, we walked around downtown and eventually ended up at one of our favorite bars for a ginormous cocktail.

IMG_6529   IMG_6525


Eventually (and way too late) we made it back to our hotel for a few hours of sleep.  We woke up this morning excited to check out some of the local breakfast places.  Unfortunately, they all had horribly long lines and we were starving.  We were able to find a bar with breakfast food and TONS of Bear’s fans.  I was definitely in need of some black tea and this lettuce, egg, tomato, and avocado sandwich hit the spot.


IMG_6535   IMG_6536


I had a few hours of downtime before the game.  The BOY drove home to study, and I walked over to Argo Tea for a Mate Latte and some quality time with my book.


IMG_6547   IMG_6549


Since it was another warm and beautiful day, I decided to walk the 3 miles down to soldier field, exploring the city along the way.



Go Bears!!!

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