A City Filled with Fans

I had some major technical difficulties getting that last post up, so I am crossing my fingers that this goes smoothly!



After a relaxing two hours of reading, I decided to walk instead of taking the train down to Soldier Field yesterday.  It was only 3 miles and a warm day.  Plus, I knew that I wasn’t going to have time to get in any other exercise.  I have been down in the city a bunch of times this year, but very rarely do I make it to the Millennium Park area.  Armed with my camera, I walked through the park looking like a tourist as I snapped photo after photo.





IMG_6559   IMG_6560

IMG_6564 IMG_6565 IMG_6566


Along the way, there were a few people in Bear’s gear, but as I made my way south, there were more and more people sporting blue and orange all heading towards the stadium.

IMG_6568   IMG_6570


I also saw the bike rental system that is fairly new to Chicago.  How cool is this?!  I would love to borrow a bike to explore the city.

IMG_6572   IMG_6573IMG_6574


The closer I got to Soldier field, the more Bear’s fans I saw.  Almost everyone was dressed in blue and orange and there were some great throwback jerseys (and vests) and hilarious hats.

IMG_6575   IMG_6581



IMG_6594 IMG_6595 IMG_6599


There were even a few brave Lion’s fans…

IMG_6598   IMG_6600


While I was waiting for my friend, I ended up taking pictures for like 6 different families in front of the memorial wall.  I decided to get got one for myself too!



We walked into the stadium which was already alive with energy. 

IMG_6612   IMG_6613

IMG_6625IMG_6626IMG_6627IMG_6623   IMG_6629


We had fantastic seats to watch the game, which was super exciting!  Plus, the crowd at the Bears game is always energizing.  There were lots of intersections and the Bears creamed them!  Unfortunately, I had to leave a little early in order to catch the train.  I caught a beautiful view of the skyline and had to smile to myself.  The last time that I was on the top of this bridge was running past mile 26 of the marathon almost exactly 1 month ago.



I took the ‘El’ and then ran to catch my train back to suburbia.  I was exhausted after such a busy weekend.  But, I only had a few pages left in my book and I was eager to finish it.  The BOY picked me up at the train and we grabbed some dinner and a movie from the Redbox.  Even though I was only gone for a day, it felt like longer.  When we got home, I gladly sunk into my couch with my feet up.  I need to gather my energy for another exciting game next weekend.

IMG_6631   IMG_6632

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