I recognize my post is a day late, but you can pretend like you read it yesterday…right???

Number 1Number One Outline Number 1 Birthday Ballon



So I learned in yoga this week that according to numerologists, the number1 is a powerful number.  The number 1 is the aspiration of humankind, what we hope to achieve.  It represents drive, ambition, and achievement.  The number 1 has powerful and dominating personality traits associated with it and the negative aspects include stubbornness (Source).  I found myself laughing out load as I continued to read on because this describes the BOY spot on and 11/11/11 is his 30th Birthday!  As if his EGO isn’t big enough.  Our yoga instructor explained that 11/11/11 is about opportunity.  It is the perfect day to think about your aspirations and the perfect day to start a new career or another goal you’ve desired.  I heard at work that it was a popular day to get married as well!  At Wednesday’s yoga class, we took some time to think about what our dreams and goals for the future were and although it is actually the next day, I encourage you to take some time to think about any new projects or goals and write them down (or post them if you’d like)!



For the BOY and I, 11/11/11 is an opportunity to head into the city for a much needed night out to celebrate his milestone birthday.  I am taking him out to a surprise dinner (he still doesn’t know where, but you can bet there will be plenty of red meat), and then we are staying on Michigan Avenue.  It is a well deserved getaway considering all the hard work he has been putting into law school.  On Sunday, when he heads home to study, I was lucky enough to get Bear’s tickets.  I haven’t been to a game in a few years (see picture below), and I am super excited!  Don’t feel too bad for the BOY though, we are headed back to soldier field next Sunday!



Happy 30th Birthday B!!!

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