OMG That’s a LOT of Pushups

Let’s start at the beginning of the day…



I made a random and delicious breakfast that I thought I’d share with ya’ll.  I don’t typically eat cereal for breakfast because I don’t find it filling (and then I am hungry again in an hour).  But every now and again, I have a craving for it.  In my attempt to get ‘back to the basics’ in the food department, my choice of cereals has transformed over the years from Lucky Charms and Reece’s Puffs (those were the college days), to Fiber One, to anything from Kashi, and currently I am snacking on Kamut Puffs.



Kamut is a close relative to wheat; however, many people with wheat-intolerance are able to eat it.  It is a high protein grain generally containing 30% more protein than wheat.  I learned a lot about its interesting history while ‘researching’ for this post.  Check out the All About Grains website for the full story.  The cereal is pretty plain tasting, but I used it as a base to make a filling breakfast including:

1 cup Kamut Puffs

1 Tbsp ground Flax

1 sliced banana

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 Tbsp nut butter

IMG_6437   IMG_6438IMG_6439   IMG_6440IMG_6441


I headed off for my early day at work in day two of the rainstorm that has taken over Chicago.  I was looking forward to getting through my day quickly.  I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and afterwards, I was meeting up with my Mom for yoga.  I had an afternoon snack featuring the same nut butter pictured above.  I found this fancy concoction at Super Target (because the BOY and I are seriously there a few times a week) and thought it would be something different to try.



I used this as the base for my second batch of Afternoon Energy Bars.   I followed the same recipe (only in half) sans Cacao and made another tasty homemade snack.  It’s amazing to me how much more satisfied I feel after eating one of these bars compared with the almonds and string cheese that I used to snack on at the end of the work day.  I promise you these bars are super easy to make and worth it!  Feel free to add in your own favorite nuts, dried fruits, grains, etc.


IMG_6350   IMG_6351


I had some time to kill before yoga, so I camped out at my parent’s house with a book (The Red Queen), and plans to begin my first round of pushups.  Prior to deciding that the One Hundred Pushups challenge was a good idea, I browsed the website.  Start with a pre-test, follow the push up plan 3xweek, complete 100 pushups and have strong, sexy arms.  It sounded easy enough…

Day 1: Pick the appropriate column depending on your test results

16 -20 push ups

21 – 25 push ups

> 25 push ups













max (at least 9)

max (at least 17)

max (at least 20)


I didn’t look at the table (I’m the middle column) until just as I was climbing down onto the floor to begin.  WOW…5 sets of pushups…that is A LOT of pushups.  My pecs were still sore from Monday’s pre-test and session with the TRAINER.  This will definitely be a challenge!



I was able to hammer out 4 sets of pushups with more than the suggested 60 second rest in between as I tried to explain to my Dad why I was doing pushups in his family room.  Obviously, he is not a consistent follower of the BLOG.  The last set, I was able to do 12 before finishing up the last 5 on my knees.  This is me trying to still hold my plank while describing to my Dad how to take a picture with my new phone.  I took my tired arms (even more sore since I got my flu shot today) to my Mom’s gym for some walking and talking around the track and then an inspiring session with our favorite yoga instructor.  It is always a treat when I get to attend her class (because usually I work too late), and I return home feeling peaceful and calm.  We’ll just have to see how I feel in the morning.  The game plan is my first REALLY cold outdoor run to give my arms a breaks.  But first, a little bedtime reading from my latest Amazon order.


2 thoughts on “OMG That’s a LOT of Pushups

    • Gotta love the Super T…they have EVEYRTHING!

      I am so excited to start making some of the Mama Peas recipes. Everything looks fantastic! I am finding The Kind Diet way more interesting than I expected. I’m hoping to find some time to post about it this weekend!

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