One Last Ride

The BOY has been asking me for weeks if he can hang up my bikes in the garage.  It’s a tiny space and so the car won’t fit if my bike is down and I can’t get my bike down if the car is in the garage.  I told him that I wanted to get in ONE MORE ride this season before the bikes go up.  I woke up to a sunny morning, took my time eating breakfast and watched a little TV with the BOY before getting all bundled up for a bike ride. 



One of the best things about this time of year (besides the food) is that the weather gets warmer as the day goes on. This means no alarm clock, a lazy start to your Saturday, and enough time to get in an outdoor workout before lunch. The BOY told me I was crazy to go out in the cold, but I was excited!



Except…that the back tire on my road bike was FLAT.

IMG_6283   IMG_6284


Good thing, I have a back up bike.  A little air in the tires and I was all set to ride!



I rode 20 miles and although some parts were windy, it was definitely warm enough to be out.  I passed a bunch of other bikers along the way (which I made a point to share with the BOY when I returned).  Although I did a lot of cross training over the summer, I haven’t been out on my bike in a few weeks, so I was thrilled to get in one last ride.  I came home starving right at 12:00.  I made a sandwich using the Ezekiel tortilla’s I found at Mariano’s.  They are high in protein and make a tasty breakfast burrito.  If you’re interested, you can find them in the freezer section!



I quickly downed my lunch (one should never ride hungry) while sipping on a GREATER THAN sports drink.  I had heard about this beverage from several different people.  It is made with coconut water and all natural ingredients.  I think it is a local company and recently found out a friend of mine is friends with the guys who created it.  I was finally able to find the beverage at the Whole Foods by work, and so far I really like the two flavors that I have tried.

IMG_6291   IMG_6292


It is such a beautiful day here and tomorrow is only supposed to be warmer.  After long week days at work, we deserve weekends like this!  I found these festive Thanksgiving decorations on one of our recent date nights at Super Target (they were $0.50) and look so cute on our front door!




How are you spending this beautiful Saturday?

I have a Thai massage scheduled in an hour.  Soooo excited!!!

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