Season’s 52 and Shopping

I had a super fun day hanging out with my Mom yesterday.  With the Bear’s on a bye, we had a different kind of Sunday Funday involving squash, shopping, and sharing.  We met at 1:00 for lunch at Season’s 52.  This restaurant is popping up everywhere, but has been in Schaumburg for a little over a year.  It is a seasonally based menu where everything is made using fresh and flavorful ingredients, not fats and oils.  They also have an extensive wine list, and the staff is friendly and warm.  Initially, I wasn’t planning to blog about lunch, so I didn’t get any pictures of the restaurant.  But when these gorgeous dishes were placed on our table, my mom and I both smiled as I pulled out my camera.


Blackened Fish Tacos (for me)




Portobello Turkey Burger (for Mom)




And the Squash Trio (to share)





With a Glass of Red Wine on the Side



I love that this restaurant has so many healthy and tasty options that you don’t have to order a salad to eat well.  Both of our meals were delicious, and I was so happy to be there to enjoy the fall menu.  The three squashes had a spiced honey glaze that was nothing shy of amazing (and I don’t even like honey that much).  Dessert comes in shot class form and we ordered three.  We dug right in to our peanut butter chocolate mousse, mocha mousse, and crustless pumpkin pie (with a gingerbread cookie) so quickly that I didn’t even think about taking a picture. Luckily, there is the perfect picture on their website.



After chatting and laughing through lunch, we headed across the street to the mall.  Armed with coupons and gift cards, we hit up a few stores, including Bath and Body Works where the fall collection was on sale.  Then, we went to AT&T where my mom got a new phone and passed her ‘old’ one over to me.  Ladies and gentleman, I am not armed with a Smartphone although I have absolutely no idea how to use and can’t find my contacts.  On our way out, we popped our heads into Anthropologie.  They always have timeless clothing and hipster home decorations that I adore.  The sale section was overflowing with adorable tops and we each walked out with a colorful new sweater.  We had one last stop (Old Navy) and not even the pouring rain could prevent us from using our 30% off coupon (which was awesome since the clearance was already 30% off).  I bought tops galore, most of which rang up between $3-4, and yet another pair of Halloween socks.  When you work with kids and spend most of the day without your shoes on, holiday socks take on a whole new importance.



The rain continued and puddles were forming, so despite intentions to go to another store (and maybe Costco), we decided it was time to head home. With promises to shop again soon of course!!!  I walked in the door with my arms full off bags and the BOY (who was home studying all day) just shook his head and smiled.  He knows an afternoon out with my Mom can be dangerous.



But who could pass up this adorable new sweater?! Thanks Mom for finding it!



I’m thinking that cleaning out drawers and changing over closets will be next weekend’s task.  For today, I am hoping that my new sweater will make me happy as I head into work on my day off.  At least it will match my orange Halloween socks.

2 thoughts on “Season’s 52 and Shopping

  1. I have my new sweater on also! just the right amount of zazz for a fall day!

    A great day… Count me in for the next outing!

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