Quinoa Breakfast Recipe

I promised you a breakfast with quinoa and pumpkin (random…right?), so here it is…

I was taking a kitchen break Monday to catch up on some blogs when I came across Evan’s recipe for HOT PUMPKIN BREAKFAST QUINOA that he had just posted.  Could the timing be any better?  I ran to the kitchen…ok that’s a lie…I finished my episode of Grey’s staring at McDreamy while playing on my laptop.  Then, I walked back into the kitchen to whip up Tuesday morning’s breakfast.


It is not a requirement to make this dish ahead of time.  But after a week out of work at class,I had a feeling Tuesday morning was going to be a slow one.  I was hoping to drag myself out of bed for a run, and I always have a much more difficult time getting up on those cold, dark mornings. 

I mixed together the quinoa, eggs, pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spice in a microwavable bowl.  (I omitted the salt).

IMG_6089   IMG_6090

IMG_6091   IMG_6094


I put the dish in the fridge and laid out my running clothes before bed.  The next morning, I popped out of bed snoozed at least 3 times and then reset my alarm before slowly getting myself up and ready, eating a pre-run banana, and heading onto the dim street as the sun began to rise.  I ran a comfortable 5 miles and came home ready to try my new breakfast.



It looked pretty much the same that morning as the night before which I took as a good sign. I threw it into the microwave for 3 minutes.  I kept a direct eye on it to make sure it wasn’t going to overflow (if you have ever overflowed oatmeal in your microwave on your way out the door for work, you would understand).  My finished product was not as pretty as Evan’s, but the texture looked about the same.  Mine may have been colder after spending the night in the fridge.

IMG_6147   IMG_6148


I took a bite and as I expected, it tasted good, but plain.  It was a sad day in suburbia with NO NUT BUTTERS in the house, so I got creative with my toppings.  I drizzled on some coconut, fresh cherry jam, and a few walnuts.  It was just what my taste buds needed to compliment the pumpkin cake.



I was a big fan of this high protein breakfast (2 eggs!!! Not to mention quinoa is a complete protein source) and how simple and quick it came together.  I would suggest adding some vanilla to the mix and if you like a sweeter breakfast, definitely go with the maple syrup.  It’s a great way to use your leftover grains and the flavor possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking for a cold breakfast, Evan also has a Banana Breakfast Quinoa recipe.


On another note, I had the leftover quinoa from making my ‘END OF THE DAY’ AFTERNOON ENERGY BARSThey have been my go-to  snack around 4:00 this week and I LOVE them.  They are filled with real food, high in protein, and the cocoa is surprisingly tasty.  Even better, they are getting me through the end of my 10-hour work day without snapping at my patients because I am hungry and grumpy (also known as HANGRY!).  Don’t let the quinoa scare you…give them a try!


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