Easy and Clean Chicken Curry

More stories of Happy Tummies thanks to yesterday’s food run

I had some delicious curry at a potluck over a month ago and have been wanting to make some ever since.  Curry is a little hit-or-miss with me.  I tried it for the first time on a sailboat in Australia and loved it, had it again back in the states and was not a fan, and then found myself going back for curry seconds at the potluck.  The thing about it is that there are a few different kinds of curry and since I don’t totally understand the difference, I get myself into trouble.  Traditionally, I am not a fan of creamy textures (ie sour cream or mayo).  However, with thoughts of Indian goodness in my mind, I set out to find a curry and accidently had ingredient blinders on when I found this easy and healthy looking recipe on the Eat Clean Diet website.  It’s a good thing that I did, because I really impressed the BOY and it’s good for me to step out of my comfort zone once in awhile.

IMG_6111   IMG_6106

I picked up some fresh ginger at the grocery store.  I have never used the fresh kind before, so I had my dried seasoning on standby.  I ended up using my peeler on the outside of the ginger and then grading it into a bowl.  Not sure if that is the right way to do it, but it seemed to work.  I sliced up my onion and added all of my seasonings.

IMG_6107   IMG_6112


Then added the cubed chicken breasts.  Unfortunately, I started in a sauté pan and quickly realized that I needed more space.  I switched into a large sauce pan/Dutch oven after adding the chicken.




I wanted to add chickpeas to the recipe, so I added in 1 can, rinsed and drained.  Feel free to toss in some peas, carrots, celery, or any other ‘curry-ish’ addition.  I would guess that shrimp would be delicious in this recipe as well!



Next step is to add in the coconut milk and Greek yogurt. I must say that when I make this again (I definitely will) that I would probably add less yogurt.  But probably has more to do with my texture issues.




The BOY came home with about 10 minutes to go anxious for dinner and pleasantly surprised to walk into an aroma filled kitchen.  I picked up some pita and rice for him to eat with his curry.  He barely waited for me to turn off the heat before he dug right in.  Just a heads up, the curry will thicken if you let it sit for about 10 minutes.  I tried to snap some pictures, but the plate was moving fast as he piled it with food and there was a lot of steam.


IMG_6122   IMG_6125



I was a little hesitant when I saw the finished product, but decided to try the dish without the extra sauce.  I ate my curry over wheatberries and loved their nutty taste combined with the strong curry flavor.  I also had a side of green beans (not pictured). I was thrilled with how good my curry turned out and impressed with myself for trying something new.  I was even more impressed that my first curry was a success!


IMG_6129   IMG_6130


The BOY claimed the curry ‘one of my best’ dinners and suggested that he get a blog page for his favorites.  He wants it to be called…The BOY’S MAN’S Make Again List.  (He was not a fan of the BOY nickname, so I suggested he post that on the comments page).  He named the curry the first dish on his list of dinners.  Since he is a foodie, he feels his recommendation will have some ‘weight’.  However, since he is not a fan of healthy or vegetarian dishes, it could be a short list.

You can find the original curry recipe RIGHT HERE.  It is perfect for a quick and easy dinner and may even work in the crockpot.  I will have to try that!

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