Awesome Monday

Home Again…Home Again!

After 7 nights away, it felt incredible to curl up in my own bed and fall asleep last night.  I had a fun and busy week complete with a wedding, a visit from a friend, watching TV and eating popcorn with my P’s and then a fantastic weekend in the city with beautiful fall weather, good food, time to catch up with old friends, and great drinks (who doesn’t love a mixologist?), all culminating with a BEARS game get together yesterday afternoon with fun conversations, superb chili, and a BEARS victory across the pond.  I am exhausted just thinking about all of the fun and excitement over this past week.  I was able to catch up with so many different groups of friends (some of which I’ve known 25 years), which was very special.


As always, I have my favorite day (Monday) to get myself back on track for the week.  I stepped away from the blog this past week and didn’t take many pictures.  With my extra time, I dove into a book.  I LOVE to read and always have.  Bedtime is typically when I relax with a book or magazine before falling asleep.  Recently, with life so busy, I have been reading a few pages of a magazine here and there, but I have not been working my way through the ever growing pile of ‘books I want to read’ on my bookshelf.  Last Monday, I got inspired and started reading Philippa Gregory’s The White Queen.



As I have told many of you, I absolutely LOVED The Other Boleyn Girl (the book…certainly not the movie) which is by the same author.  I am not a history buff, but for some reason find myself intrigued with this time period.  The White Queen (and The Red Queen which I will be reading next) take place in the time period just before the Tudor court.  I have read my way 500 pages into a 530 page book in 1 week which is huge for me as I am a notoriously slow reader.  But I’ve got my reading groove back!!!


Speaking of reading, this morning as I was snuggling up with some warm tea and eggs (the only food we have in the house) and looking through some blogs.  I came across Tina’s post about The Book of Awesome.  It was written by a man who compiled a list of things that make him happy.  I thought making my own list would be an uplifting way to start the morning (and the week).  When we spend so much time moving from one place to the next, it is nice to sit back and reflect on the little joys in life that always make me smile.  Thanks Tina for the great idea!

Here is my list of AWESOME…

  • my dad’s matzah ball soup
  • a waiting room with butterscotch hard candies
  • catching a rerun of 90210
  • running on the nature trail on a crisp fall day
  • my mom scratching my back
  • finishing a race (big or small) surrounded by family and friends
  • experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen
  • hosting a BBQ
  • wishing on a star
  • memories of camp
  • pictures of the new babies in my life
  • a hug from a patient after a long day
  • playing card games or scrabble with the BOY
  • the anticipation before a big trip
  • losing myself in a good book

I love how unique everyone’s AWESOME is.  What is on your list??? 

Post it below and reflect back on it when your heart needs a hug!


I am off to exercise and then make a much needed run to the grocery store as we are obviously out of food.  Once there is food in the house, I plan to do some cooking this afternoon and will then return to blogging about cooking (as opposed to books). 

I have some new recipes to share!  Have an AWESOME MONDAY!

IMG_6024   IMG_6026

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