It’s Good to be Me (A Guest Post)



While the lady of the house is away, I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself and tell you a little about my life.  You probably recognize me from my pictures on LWYD.  My name is Emerald (named after my gorgeous green eyes) and everyone calls me ‘Emmy’ for short. I’ve been living with the BOY since he was in college and initially wasn’t so sure I wanted to share his house (or his attention) with another female.  Although I am now beginning to realize there are benefits to having a woman around.  For one, I am taken good care off (there is always new food to try and someone to play with me).  Plus the house just smells better!  I must say it’s pretty GOOD TO BE ME!



I eat well!

Some of my favorites are tuna and turkey.

IMG_2694   IMG_2696


But I also LOVE crab legs…

IMG_0024   IMG_0019


And Bacon!

IMG_0923   IMG_0925


My bed mate doesn’t snore.  (But the BOY does!)





I like to play cat and mouse.  I get to be the cat.



And, I love to shop…I’m a total GAP girl!



I get plenty of presents.



I often help out with the baking and cooking in the kitchen.



Every now and again, I act up and get put in time out.



But there is always someone to cuddle with me when I come out!



As you can tell, my life is pretty fantastic.  If I were on Facebook, you’d want to friend me!



The BOY are I are doing okay on our own, but if you seen my mom, please send her home.

But DON’T tell her that I played with her blog!

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