You know that I have been crazy busy when I have the most fabulous gift sitting in its box and I haven’t even gotten to play with it yet.



And I’m not going to be able to bust it out this weekend either…bummer!  Crying face


I am stuck in limbo…done with my last race and I haven’t signed up for anything new yet.  I am loving getting to yoga a few times a week though.  HOT YOGA is the best $10 spent ever!

IMG_5997   IMG_5998


Although it was a gorgeous day, I chose HOT YOGA this morning for a chance to work my core and get myself centered before my busy week.  We are off to a wedding this evening and then tomorrow I am beginning a certification course.  The whole course takes a year, but the first week of class begins tomorrow.  It was a last minute opportunity, so although I am excited to take the class, I didn’t have much time to prepare.  Unfortunately, it is a far drive from my place, and I already spend way too much time sitting in traffic on 90.  So I am moving in with the P’s for a week.  Since I am in class Sunday and Monday (another bummer), today is my only day to get laundry done and run a few errands before getting my stuff packed up.  No time to bake or cook or play with my AWESOME new mixer.  I did whip up some pumpkin bread before yoga though because there were slim pickings in the breakfast department and who doesn’t love waking up to warm pumpkin bread on a brisk fall day.


IMG_6004  IMG_6005  IMG_6006


My schedule will be a bit off and I think I may even have homework to do for this class.  Therefore, I probably won’t be a frequent blogger this week.  I am looking forward to getting out of limbo and back into the recipes next week.  So, I wanted to ask YOU for suggestions on things to make.  We all know I have my favorites, but one of my reasons for blogging was to push myself out of my comfort zone. 


What types of recipes do you look for online?

Any fall favorites?

What is the FIRST thing I should make with my mixer?


Weekly Mileage: 0 Miles

5 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. and the P’s are just pretty darn pleased to get DD (darling daughter) for a WEEK… ohhh she is busy, but, wine, shop, wine, talk, wine, walk… I think it is going to be a good good week! (think black eyed peas!)

    ok, something new in the crockpot as a main dish

    something new in the turkey chili division..

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