Now What???

What does one do the day after a marathon?  It’s crazy to think that running 26.2 miles has completely consumed your life for so many months, that when it’s over, you’re not quite sure what to do.  As the BOY pointed on, I have NO DIRECTION…ha ha!


I am all for a lazy Monday and spent the first half of the day in my PJ’s.  And since I didn’t have to plan my day around a workout, I could have a long drawn out breakfast.  I enjoyed some tea, a tasty breakfast, and was able to put together my race recap blog post.



Some time around 1:00, I was able to motivate myself out of my jamies (they needed to go into the wash with the other laundry) and head out into the beautiful day.  It’s a little sick that I was thinking what a nice day it was to go for a run!  I headed off to Kohl’s to spend my Kohl’s Cash. Having spent my month’s clothing allowance at the expo, I was happy for some ‘free money’ the BOY kindly donated to me after his recent shopping spree for school clothes. 



I headed to the grocery store and returned home to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy.  I spent a little more time on the computer, threw dinner for the week in the crockpot and made wonderful tasting Mac ‘N Cheese for dinner with pumpkin ice cream for dessert.  If you haven’t tried this yet, it is the BEST ice cream EVER!

IMG_5995   IMG_5994


I have never felt so stiff in my entire life, and I officially HATE the stairs.  Doing laundry was quite difficult.  I also found this random chaffed area on my right clavicle.  Seriously…who chaffes on the their clavicle? 



It was a nice relaxing day at home, and I was sad that I only had one day off before heading back to work.  As for my future athletic direction…I haven’t quite decided, but for now I am taking the week off to catch up on reading and TV, blogging on the couch, and eating pumpkin ice cream.  (And possibly looking for my next race online!)  I’ll keep you posted!

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