Post Race Treats and Relaxation



After finishing the marathon, I was happy to have some time to walk my stiff legs to the train station.  We worked our way through the crowds west towards the red line.  One port-a-potty stop and a long flight of stairs later (that myself and another finisher took 1 step at a time) and I found myself sitting on the subway with a few other marathoners.  The BOY brought up the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Barney rides the subway after running the marathon.  He tries to get off, but can’t stand on his legs.  I could only find it in Spanish, but it is still funny if you want to watch it HERE.  Luckily, I was able to get off the train and make it to my brother’s condo for a warm shower.



My family was tired and hungry after walking all of the city, so we were all happy to crash on the couch.  The boys were content to turn on the TV and catch up on some football (the Giants were playing) with a cold beer.  After my shower, I was happy to see that I hadn’t gotten sunburned or chaffed too badly.  My face was bright red (from heat I think), but I told the boys it was probably wind burn.  They laughed at me and said that they didn’t think I was actually running that fast.  Ha! Ha!

IMG_5954   IMG_5961


Like pasta is my pre-race tradition, pizza is my after race favorite.  We ordered some pizzas and fried appetizers and opened up some of my brother’s homemade brews.

IMG_5962   IMG_5963

IMG_5964 IMG_5965 IMG_5966


Around 4:00, my parents drove the BOY and I back out to suburbia.  Instead of going home, we went straight to Dairy Queen for the pumpkin pie blizzard I have been talking about all week.  The perfect dinner on marathon day!

IMG_5967   IMG_5968


Everyone was happy to join me and order their own delicious treats.

IMG_5969  IMG_5970  IMG_5971


Check out how amazing this pumpkin pie blizzard looks?  With extra whipped cream!

IMG_5972   IMG_5973


I dug right in to my first pumpkin pie blizzard of the year!  Please excuse my hair…my sunglasses got stuck and my dad didn’t bother to tell me.  I thought the pictures were too funny not to share though.

IMG_5976   IMG_5975


The BOY and I returned home after a marathon-long day.  I was still in shock that it was finally over!  We sat out back and discussed the day enjoying a glass of champagne.  I was still pretty sore, mostly in my legs (that darn left IT band) and my shoulders (too much tension), but riding the runner’s high all day long!  Finally, I crashed into bed with a full tummy of tasty treats and an overwhelming feeling of joy (from all the support and encouragement I received from family and strangers) and success (having completed the race I decided 10 months ago to attempt).

After training for races for 6 straight months, I was left with

only one question… NOW WHAT?

Take a look at my trip to the Chicago Marathon Expo and my Full Race Recap!

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